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Introduction to You Move Me coupons

Have you been trying to move out to a better place lately? Do you also want to shift to a new place which is close to your work place but are too tired to move all the stuffs all by your own? You Move Me has you covered in the following scenario. The You Move Me specialists are very well trained and efficient in their work. They have been known to move all the times that you need to move from your older place to a new place. This is done by the proper training of the staff and having good, high safety trucks. When anyone asks if their products can be moved, You Move Me specialists schedule a meeting to their home and check how much will it cost to move the entire place and furniture to a new location. After the estimation is made, the final quote is given to the customer which will not have a very vast difference with the final amount that the customer needs to pay. While moving your house using the services of You Move Me, the products are insured and You Move Me pays for any kind of damages that are done to the product. However, preference is given to the repairs but if for any reasons, the product or item cannot be repaired then the item is replaced by a new one. This is done so that the customer feels safe to work with us. The customer need not worry about the products and goods that he needs to move to a new place if they have contacted You Move Me for the same and can also avail some extra benefits using You Move Me coupons.

How to use You Move Me coupon code

To use the You Move Me coupons, the person need to log in to their website and can get the discounted rate while moving their articles and products. After using the You Move Me discount code, the person can get very attractive discount and get the very efficient and timely services of You Move Me. This can be done by the person who wants to change their place but is too afraid to trust others with the items they love the most in their homes. The team of You Move Me is very highly trained and efficient in delivering the items from one place to other without any wear and tear. The team of You Move Me uses various kind of protections by using protective skins and highly durable and protective blankets to keep your products safe. There have been many people who have availed services or You Move Me and are very happy and satisfied with the services. They say that You Move Me has made the shift to their new home a fun and enjoyable day instead of making it a tiring one. This is one of the best compliment that any business in this field can get. However, there are certain type of items which You Move Me does not deliver which includes cars, grand pianos, extremely valuable items such as chandeliers, paintings, etc and firearms & ammunitions. However, the rest of the products are delivered with due care and diligence with utmost care. There are various other kinds of discounts available which can be availed by You Move Me Discount code and You Move Me coupons. With the help of these coupons, many people have been able to get their products and items delivered with a hassle free experience.


1. Can a person living outside the United States of America order the test for themselves?

A person living outside the United States of America cannot order the services of You Move Me for themselves. However, You Move Me is working really hard to provide their services to more and more people located at various countries. This might take some time but as we all know, good things take time.

2. Why should I get trust services from You Move Me?

All the services offered by You Move Me are insured and the workers are heavily trained for the same work they have been specified. By availing the services, you can be assured that even if any product is damaged, You Move Me will either get the repair done or if the repair is not possible, then the product will be replaced by a new one. Also, all the workers are insured and does not have any hidden liabilities or charges, so you can be rest assured of the payment also.

3. What all types of payment modes are acceptable?

The customer can pay through cards of various leading banks among the likes of Amex, Visa, MasterCard and can also make the payment through various online modes available such as apple pay or amazon pay. Nearly all the payment modes are available on the website itself.

4. How is the furniture moved?

To keep the furniture safe, You Move Me uses various kinds of covering for your items. All the furnitures are covered using harness straps and padded dollies to cover the product so that they does not get any scratches or anything while travelling. However, the customer needs to inform You Move Me within thee 10 days of the delivery made. After the completion of this time period, You Move Me will not be liable for any kind of compensation demanded.

Customer support

To reach out to the customer support of  You Move Me, the person need to give a call on the number given on the website given which is also mentioned here. The number is 1-800-926-3900. The timings are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. However, if any person have any problem trying to make a call on the number given, then the person can also write an e-mail for the same at The customer support will usually revert back to any type of query within 3-5 hours

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