Terms & conditions

Coupon Rovers has a set of terms and conditions that customers have to accept if they wish to use our services.

Whenever a user uses our website and services they are considered to agree with these terms and conditions.

We can change this agreement at any time as they see fit.

To make sure that you are in sync with our policies kindly check our terms and conditions within some time.

It is your responsibility to check the agreement before using our services as when you start using our services, we assume you are aware of these terms and conditions.

For registration, we will prompt you to create a unique username and password and it is your responsibility to keep the password secure. Any product that happens under the name of your account is your responsibility.

We will refuse to provide you a username if it is not unique and is offensive or hurtful.

When you use their services, you automatically agree to

  • giving complete and accurate information about yourself,
  • The data that we have should be always accurate. Update the registration data when it needs to be updated to keep the data accurate, and
  • Maintain your secret pin a secret only. If you reveal it your security will be in danger.

In the event you make a profile in the wake of registering for the Services (a "Section Profile"), such profile ought to depict you, an individual. Instances of inappropriate profiles include, anyway are not confined to, profiles that infer to address an animal, place, inanimate product, recounted character, or genuine individual who isn't you. You can view or change your profile at any time you like so that your information is always updated.


Coupon Rovers is obliged to protect its users’ information and that is why they follow excellent data protection practices. It is not in our control if you lose your password to someone else that is why it is always recommended that only you should know your password. Our Privacy Policy tells our customers how we accumulate, share, and put their information to use. By using our services, you agree that we can collect, share, and use the information necessary for our operations.


Coupon Rovers is a large directory of coupons from worldwide famous stores. We have a huge list of stores and coupons that provide you with a large amount of savings on your purchases.

Coupon Rovers has also developed an extension for this that collects coupons from a website while you are browsing it. At the end of the checkout, it shows you your savings and applies the coupons.

Our services are free of charge, what we do is provide publicly available coupons to you on one platform.

Coupon Rovers earn when a customer uses the coupons from their site but the customer never directly pays them.

We try our best to accurately describe products and their pricing but most of the information about products comes from the merchants themselves and we have no control over what they may provide us with.

If you ever find that there is a problem with a product listing then you may inform us and we will get it corrected by the merchants but we are not legally obliged to do so.

The terms and conditions represent Coupon Rovers only and not any other third parties or merchants that work with us.

Merchant Purchases

The service allows you to see information about products that are available on third party websites, find offers on the products listed on the merchant’s website, find trending offers on the products you like and then check how much you are saving on a purchase.

Coupon Rovers may give product information and savings openings through our program development when you are on a pariah merchant's site. You may similarly show up at an outcast transporter webpage through a link from the Coupon Rovers Website or emailed offer, or a broker website may appear to you through your Coupon Rovers Mobile App. For any situation, in all cases, any seller product will be purchased directly from the transporter and through the merchant's site. Customers do not buy products from or through Coupon Rover’s website. Coupon Rovers is any product yet a re-vendor or distributer of any consequences of outcast dealers appeared within the Coupon Rovers Mobile App or that you may access through a link given by Coupon Rovers or view using the Service. The solitary products you may have the choice to purchase from Coupon Rovers are certain blessing vouchers as depicted in the Gift Cards Purchased From Coupon Rovers section.

Merchant Returns

If you are not happy with your merchant product, if you received a damaged merchant product, or if you expected the product to be different, you will need to get in touch with the customer service team of the merchant that you ordered the product from.

We have a lot of stores listed and we cannot get involved in a brand’s communication with its customers.

It is not our obligation to solve a query about the merchant and their products.

Third-Party Links

Coupon Rovers may present you offers on merchant goods. These offers can be presented to you in two ways we can either give you coupon codes or give you links provided by third-party merchants. Coupon Rovers may track how you use the new offers this tracking your usage of our services helps us analyze our operations and improve. Our website does have third party links and we will track the number of clicks each third-party links get.

Account Information

You agree and appreciate that you are liable for maintaining the secrecy of your Log- in ID, email address, mystery word and some other individual identifying information or various codes used to get to your Coupon Rovers account or the Service ("Log-In Information"). If you think that someone signed in your account without your approval, kindly inform Coupon Rovers immediately.

Exact records engage Coupon Rovers to offer Support to you. You agree to keep your email id, contact information, and any installing data stored in your account should be accurate and up to date. In case you don't do this, the exactness and suitability of the Service to you will be influenced and you may not get account sees that we pass on to you. If you disregard to keep your contact information invigorated, you will for any situation be considered to have gotten any notice we pass on to the email address you last gave.

Email Communications

By providing us with your email id, you have allowed getting information sent to you through an email. It is your responsibility to change the email address in case it is not relevant any longer. We will also use your email id to talk to you about some offers that you may find interesting and suitable for you. We collect customer’s information for this reason so that we can analyze their use of our services and then find the best offers for them and send it through email.

If you needn't bother with us to use your information thusly, you should change your customer inclinations in your record profile as well as snap "opt-out" in any email correspondences we send you.

Coupon Rovers is not responsible for third parties

All the products that you purchase are from third-party merchants whether you found them through our email lists, website, our extension.

Products that you purchase are priced by the third-party merchants, shipped and fulfilled through the merchants, and in case returns are also done by the third party.

In case of any hiccups between the customers and the merchants, Coupon Rovers is not responsible for customer’s disappointment.

Our only responsibility is to give you an updated, accurate list of coupons from which you can save money on your purchase.

Your purchase from any other third-party eCommerce platform is subject to its terms and conditions. It is not related to Coupon Rovers and to better understand their terms you should take a look before making a purchase.

When you go to third party websites from our website by clicking on links there are risks in doing that and when you click on a link you have accepted them. Coupon Rovers is not responsible for those risks.

If you have any issues with the third-party merchants about their content, privacy, and accuracy you should take it up with them.

Coupon Rovers may also use third-party marketing tools, advertisers, and analytics tools like google so while your information is shared with us we also have to share it with them. Any website visit will be recorded by Google and if a breach happens from these third parties then we are not responsible for that.

There is also one more event when we may use a third-party service and that is of market research. When looking for marketing analysis for our business in the current market or looking to enter new markets we may use a third-party consultant and they will use your information on a macro level to make our business more efficient.

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