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1) What types of people must have a medical warning system?
- A medical warning system is recommended for seniors and those with chronic medical problems that may require emergency assistance either at home or away from home. Medical emergency services have been issued by MobileHelp® to people below the age as 19 and as old as 113. If you work alone or invest a lot of time alone, a medical alarm system is a good idea. MobileHelp has a wide range of systems to suit your needs.

2) How do I decide if MobileHelp Duo, Solo, or Classic is the right device for me?
- If you've been looking for a solution that protects you including both house and away from house, our Cellular Duo System and/or Solo System would have been ideal. If you're looking for a system that can only secure you at house, our Classic System is the right choice. If you determine later that you want to be safe even though you're not at house, the Classic System will quickly be upgraded to a Duo System.

3) If you've a device in place that reminds you to follow your prescriptions, how effective is it?
- Indeed, we have a programme that ensures that customers take their prescriptions on time and avoids missed doses or overdoses of prescriptions. Prescription Reminders is simple to use: set medication reminders online with MobileHelp Connect and receive nice reminders from the Cellular Base Station. For Medication Reminders to work, the customer must have an email account.

4) What is MobileHelp Connect® and what does it do?
- MobileHelp Connect® is an online toolkit that enables consumers and certified providers, such as members of the family, to positively engage in the health and well-being of clients. Basic features of MobileHelp Connect are free of charge, while enhanced functions are accessible for a monthly fee. MobileHelp Connect allows you to navigate location services provided by MobileHelp's mobile GPS medical warning systems. Based on the model of device and accessories used, different features may be available.

5) When it comes to battery life, how long do you expect it to last?
Under regular usage circumstances, the Mobile Device's battery can last for more than 24 hours after completely charging. The Base Station's battery lasts for more than 30 hours. The battery performance of the Wrist Button and Neck Pendant is five years.

6) Is it true that the MobileHelp modules are waterproof?
- Waterproof is the Wrist ButtonTM, Neck Pendant, and Fall ButtonTM. They're designed to be worn every day, including in the shower and bath. They're not supposed to be submerged or submerged for lengthy stretches of time. Waterproofing is not available for the Cellular Base Station, Wall Button, or Mobile Device.
7) How far does the Neck pendent and Wrist button have to be from the mobile device to work?
- The Wrist Button and Neck Pendant are about 600 feet away from the Smart Phone. You will use your pendant or Wrist Button to call for assistance as long as you're within 600 feet of the Mobile Device. However, we also advise that you have the Mobile Device on you at all times so that you can communicate directly with the Emergency Response team in the case of an emergency.
8) If you have an alarm button that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop?
- Yeah, we have a Wall Mount Button that can be pressed to summon emergency assistance. The big button is compatible with both the smart phone and the cellular base station. For a Duo or Solo, new clients will request up to three varieties of "buttons," and for a Classic, up to sixteen varieties of "buttons." The client can instal the Wall Button on a wall or position it on a tabletop. Two AAA batteries, two-sided tape, and mounting hardware are included.
9) Is it possible for me to set up the base station myself?
- Indeed, Since the Base Station is cellular, there are zero phone lines available. Simply place the Base Station on a horizontal plane, such as a bench, table, or counter, and connect it into an outlet which is not powered by a light switch. It's really that easy!

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