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Gelbee Blasters is a brand that makes gel blasters that are tiny polymer gel BBs. These gel BBs are nontoxic and eco-friendly. They just need to be soaked in water, and their size gets 10 times bigger. Gel bee arms are battery-powered and fully automatic blasters capable of 7 gel BBs in every second. Gelbee Blasters is a brand specializing in blasters and their accessories for recreational shooting activities. They provide a fun activity to play around. Gelbee Blasters are co-fried in nature; they aren't even nontoxic, and these BBs expand when they are soaked into the water. The BBs are convenient with the cleaning part. Gelbee Blasters provides a wide option of accessories to improve the blasters' performance and get a better experience from it. They give you a better shooting experience that is mess-free and safe and keep the customers' safety their first priority. You can shop for their product at a discounted price by grabbing the coupon and promo codes, which you will find on the Gelbee Blasters and Coupon Rovers websites.

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Gelbee Blasters are tiny absorbent polymers that are soaked in water. Gelbee Blasters are battery-powered, firing up to 7 gel Bbs every second. Let's see how these blasters work. You need to hydrate it into the bowl by adding some water to cover the BBs. Let it chill for some hours for each BB to get hydrated properly. Now drain the excess water and keep it in the seated container until you are ready to play. As you are ready to play, load them in the Gelbee Blasters. These can be set up with packs of 20000 gel bs, which come in yellow and blue. You can shop for these fun Gelbee Blasters at a discounted price using the vouchers and offers on the Gelbee Blasters and Coupon Rovers websites.

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Gelbee Blasters are a fun activity to play around. You can shop for the Gelbee Blasters at a discounted price by availing of the discount codes and offers you will find on the Gelbee Blasters website. There are more such exclusive offers and deals that you will find on the Coupon Rovers website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the return policy?

Ans. Items are returned, exchanged, or repaired. To make the product eligible for return, it should be in new condition, with original packing and original tags. You need to connect with the customer support team at 800-724-7486 for the return. To return the product, it must include the following mentioned below. The consumer is responsible for the shipping fees while returning the product abc to the company. The returns should be shipped through UPS or FedEx. The brand is not responsible for the returns shipped otherwise. Gelbee Return Form (included with your order). If you need the form, please contact Customer Service at 800-724-7486 for any clarity regarding the return process. There must be a clearly written note that contains the following 
The nature of the Problem
Order Number. Copy of Original Receipt
Reason for return: Exchange, Refund, Warranty Repair/Replacement
The return product is shipped to Ship to:
7629 Routes 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Q.2 How are these products eco-friendly?

Ans. The gel BBs are water-based; with instant exposure to the air, they start to break down. They are stored in water for up to 3 months; keep them in the water until you are ready for use. Their water-based beads are totally natural in nature, leaving no harm to nature.

Customer Support Contact Details 

You can contact the customer support team by phone, email, or by completing the form. You can call them at 800-724-7486. You can mail them at; their availability timings are Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:30 pm ET. Otherwise, you can also fill out the form, which you will find on their website in their Contact Us section. In the form, you must mention the First Name, Last Name, Email, Street Address, City, State / Region (Please select a region, state, or province), Postal Code, Country / Region, and Message. Please note that they do not ship to PO Boxes. Please provide a physical street address. The customer support team will respond immediately with a possible best solution.

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