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Introduction to the Evan Moor Coupons & Promo Codes

Since 1979, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has provided educators with practical, creative, and engaging PreK–8 materials to support and enrich the core curriculum.    They strive to produce educational materials that are aligned with current standards and best educational practices—and with student interests and motivations. They pride themselves on their ability to create products that not only build and reinforce basic and complex skills, but that develop a curiosity about the subjects in which those skills are taught. When teaching colleagues and friends Joy Evans and Jo Ellen Moore created their first handwritten book to motivate struggling students in their classroom, they had no idea that they were embarking on a very successful career in educational publishing. 

In the 1970s, Joy and Jo Ellen were team teaching in a Title I school in California and developing their supplemental resources to inspire students in their classroom to learn basic skills. After multiple rejection letters from publishers, Joy and Jo Ellen decided to independently publish their first six titles. Partnering with Joy’s brother, Bill Evans, the trio founded Evan-Moor Educational Publishers in 1979. Joy and Jo Ellen taught the first few years while Bill practiced law. Bill and Joy’s parents, Olive and Earl, volunteered in their garage as a warehouse and shipping facility. Olive and Earl also served as the first sales team, visiting local stores and book clubs, and eventually, the grassroots efforts took off. Evan Moor coupon code increases the number of customers interested in the brand. 

Today, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers operates with the same family spirit and enthusiasm that the company was founded, in 1979. While Evan-Moor sadly said goodbye to Joy Evans in 2012, the passion and energy that Joy, Jo Ellen, and Bill infused into Evan-Moor have propelled the company to long-term success. Joy and Jo Ellen’s inaugural, hand-crafted book has led to more than 500 titles, as well as digital resources, e-books, center kits, RTI resources, and an interactive learning platform for learning models. And today, as in the early days, Evan-Moor continues to develop resources and technologies with a clear, unwavering focus on the goal of helping children learn. Evan Moor coupons and the Evan Moor discount codes help customers make a decision.

Reward Program- Their new Rewards program makes it even easier for you to use your points and save money on Evan-Moor resources. See how your points add up. Easily redeem your points at checkout! Earn 1 reward point for every dollar spent. When you reach at least 100 points ($10.00), you can choose to apply your points to your purchase subtotal. See the savings instantly in your cart subtotal. Minimum reward points required per transaction: 100 points  ($10 reward). Maximum reward points available for each transaction: 500 points  ($50 reward). 

Points expire in 1 year (365 days). Check your point status by logging into your Evan-Moor account. Points are not awarded for orders placed via fax, phone, or email. Points may not be applied to school purchase orders. Rewards points are redeemable for individual credit card purchases only. Reward points are not redeemable for TeacherFileBox subscriptions or any recurring licenses. Program terms are subject to change at the discretion of Evan-Moor Educational Publishers. Evan Moor promo code has helped them establish their brand. 

Evan Moor Deals

They have a lot of crucial products that can help you but some of them are featured. 

Social and Emotional Learning Activities, Grades 1-2 - Teacher’s Resource, Print- Support students by helping them identify and practice positive behaviors and develop empathy with Social and Emotional Learning Activities. Research shows that SEL experiences improve student achievement, reduce stress, and increase positive behaviors such as kindness, gratitude, and empathy. Evan Moor deals activate their low prices. 

Weekly Real-World Writing, Grades 1-2 - Teacher's Resource, Print- Real-world writing happens when there is a reason to write. Help students explore real-world purposes for writing with activities that demonstrate thoughtful and effective writing strategies. Weekly activities include letters, journal entries, product opinions, advertisements, and more! Evan Moor coupons and the Evan Moor discount codes reduce the price of their well-designed products. 

Daily Math Practice, Grade 3 - Teacher's Edition, Print- Provide your third-grade students with 10 to 15 minutes of daily math practice specifically developed to meet Common Core! The frequent, focused practice improves math skills, and each title includes downloadable home–school connection activities.

Learning At Home Skill Sharpeners Bundle, Grade 5- Help your child thrive academically with the engaging Learning At Home Skill Sharpeners Bundle. The easy-to-use activity books provide valuable skill practice at home and include a parent guide with teaching tips and fun learning activities! Evan Moor promo code is included in their marketing plan. 

How to Apply the Evan Moor Discount Codes? 

The Evan Moor coupons help their customers save money and they find them at Coupon Rovers. Check active coupons and products where they can be of use. Decide which product you wish to buy and begin the purchase. Before you complete the purchase, make sure to apply the Evan Moor coupon code. When you do that a certain amount is discounted from the total amount to be paid. That is why their customers use coupons to get the best Evan Moor deals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Q1 If a customer cannot remember the email address associated with the account then what should they do? 

If you have tried multiple email addresses and are still unable to access your account, please do not create another account. Contact their customer service department, and a representative will look up your log-in information for you.

Q2 What to do if a customer has received a newsletter but cannot log into the account? 

You don't need an Evan-Moor account to subscribe to the Education E-Newsletter. 

Q3 Are emails and passwords case sensitive? 

Your email is not case sensitive and may be typed in all lowercase or all capital letters. Evan-Moor.com passwords, however, are case sensitive. If you are having problems logging into your account, please contact their customer service department.

How to Connect 

They are always there to help their customers and if you face a problem then just call them. 

Calling Number: 1-800-777-4362

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