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They revolve around the central idea that a woman is defined not by her clothes but by her character and that's why they are working to cater to the growing Muslim population with intent and heart of modest, affordable, and comfortable Islamic attires with the undercurrent of Hijaab in every design. They offer an amalgamation and mixture of various cultures under the umbrella of Islam at promising prices with East Essence coupons. They believe in embracing every one therefore you will find sizes up to 7xl and customizable lengths as per the needs of you on each and every ensemble. They keep offering exclusive East Essence discount codes on their attires and namaz essentials keeping integrity and modesty in mind. They are bent towards the well-being of social work too, with their school project in Sudan, scholarships for girl children, funds for rehabilitation of needy children, and many other such activities because they believe in scaling the divide and gap. Their service and presence have gone down a long way in redefining the existing nexus between modesty, modernity, and Muslim. If you wish to have their East Essence deals reach your mail without a miss, you can simply get yourself registered in their official newsletter mailing community. 

Products and Services offered 

They are redefining the innate focal idea of self-expression of different Islamic women resonating with multiple sentiments. They intend to bring out a comfortable yet fashionable range of ensembles at competitive prices with East Essence coupon codes. They feature a hybrid collection of varying cultural designs. Namaz essentials, prayer sets, home goods, books, prayer goods, cosmetics, and skin products for men and women both are available here on CouponRovers. Range of hijabs, jilbabs, dishdashas, and a lot more are available here. You can also find modest shrugs and cardigans as well. You can buy these products at a bargain price using East Essence promo codes. They also upload blogs regularly on their website. They offer various programs - ambassador program, giving back program, scholarships, marketplace. Their stores are located across various places. You can look for a store through the website and purchase from the outlet too. You can also go for wholesale and bulk orders too. If you wish to open a franchise with them, you can. Make sure you are connected to them and get all their updates about the East Essence deals through their official newsletter.

How to use East Essence coupons 

To stand by their ideal of providing affordable fashion and release exclusive East Essence coupon codes. You can get your East Essence coupons here on couponrovers, you will easily get verified and exclusive offers here. All you need to do is simply select what you want, do the required customizations, and add it to the cart. In the cart, you can select the option to proceed to checkout and then in the next window, choose show order summary and in that add your gift card or East Essence coupons and then fill in the rest of details and move to final payment and make a checkout to enjoy your savings. In certain offers, where you do not find any of the East Essence promo codes. But you can still enjoy affordable prices on their clothing line because they will already be offering the best prices with the East Essence discounts. So shop without any worry and enjoy the best price and save. Be updated about the East Essence deals with becoming a member of the official newsletter mailing list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Abhaya length should I order? 
Their ensembles are as per the United States size and range from extra small to 7 times extra-large. You can also match your needs from the chart with the size description and then choose. If you wish to customize, go for their customizations, and select as per your need and enjoy exclusive East Essence discounts. 

Q2. Are your ensembles see-through?
That is a relative question. What can be termed as see-through for one can be absolutely perfect for some other person. So that can't be determined. But all their fabrics are lined with a layer. But if you still feel uncomfortable, they recommend wearing a layer under the clothes. 

Q3. I live in an Islamically dominant area. So can I open an East Essence franchise?
If you have the skill of enterprise and retail and a passion for what they do, you can definitely go for this. They are growing exponentially every day and are a recognized brand all over. So if you feel your area supports their stores, you can check the policy for franchises on www.eastessence.com. 

Q4. I heard you have gift cards. Is that true? 
Yes. They offer various gift cards that can be used or presented to others. Not only this but for keeping the promise of affordable prices, they often release exclusive East Essence coupons. You can check the official webpage or sign up and register for their special newsletter to get all updates on East Essence deals. 

Customer Care Contact Details

They stand by their products and are there to help all their customers with everything related to East Essence. They have special East Essence coupons as well to offer great and affordable prices. They have various mails as per the help - for general queries, drop a mail to support@eastessence.com, for feedback, drop a text on feedback@eastessence.com, for community and affiliates, the address is community@eastessence.com and affiliates@eastessence.com respectively. For returning, the mail is returns@eastessence.com. While browsing on the website, you can also use the chat with the option or you can simply dial and ring on 888.587.8417 or 510.943.4040. Their team works from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm PST daily. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and find all the updates on East Essence Deals. Register yourself for their official newsletter mailing list to get all the information on the East Essence promo codes. 

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