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BOMANI Cold Buzz 

What are the BOMANI Cold Buzz coupons? 

In 2018 the three founders of BOMANI Cold Buzz were living a good fast placed life. They were working hard at their jobs, embracing their hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. Looking for some energy during the weekends they loved the combination of alcohol with coffee or other caffeine based products. That is when they realized that this combination was so good that it can be brought to the market. People love coffee and they love alcohol. Why not combine both of them to create something that energizes you. To promote their new brand they started releasing coupons which are available even today on Coupon Rovers.

By infusing coffee and alcohol they made a drink which was better than fake energy drinks and a regular glass of martini. Their combination is delicious, energetic, and rich. 

Since that discovery the three of them went on a journey to discover whether this combination can be sold. Today they sell these amazing solution with BOMANI Cold Buzz coupon code 

They did some research and found out such products were in the market but they were not delicious, had high calories, heavy, etc. 

Such problems were found in every similar product they discovered.  

So they decided that their final solution should be better than all the products they have tested. They started communicating with chemists, supply chain experts, flavourists, and anyone else who could help them bring their product idea into a reality. 

They finally found a team who shared their passion and they spent hours together to develop the final product. The first product that ever came out from their brand was BOMANI Cold Buzz. When the solution was ready every person in the team tasted it and approved of it. Their friends and family also tasted it they were amazed at how delicious it was. BOMANI Cold Buzz fits right into your regular fast paced life. 

BOMANI Cold Buzz coupons and BOMANI Cold Buzz discounts make sure you have a good time. 

The final solution was gluten free, zero carbs, 110 calories, 0 gram sugar, and with as much caffeine as there is in a half cup of coffee. This was the perfect solution that they had made. They knew this was too good of an opportunity to do it half heartedly so they decided to quit their corporate jobs. They created BOMANI because they believe you need something in your life to enjoy it which is not high calorie or filled with sugar. 

No matter what you are doing they hope you always enjoy drinking BOMANI. 

The BOMANI Cold Buzz promo code makes sure that you get it at a discount. 

Available Products 

Original Hard Cold Brew Coffee- They noticed several things about the hard cold brew coffee that existed in the market is that they used low quality coffee beans, it was made with alot of cream to a point that is was unnecessary, overly sweetened drink. 

They provide this wonderful product at a low price because of amazing BOMANI Cold Buzz deals. 

All of this made the coffee beans lose itís taste. They decided to make a hard cold brew coffee that was delicious but still had taste of the coffee beans. All of their drinks have less calories and their coffee beans are ethically sourced. The beans are first cold brewed for around sixteen hours in extremely cold water. The cold brewing process preserves the taste of the beans. Once the cold brew recipe is final then alcohol was added in a way that the taste of the coffee beans remains of primary importance. 

They believe in transparency in business and that is why they reveal the ingredients available in their product. This has impressed their customers alot and helps them trust the brand more. After you receive your product you can customize it anyway you like and then drink it. But there is not much to customize as the original solution is excellent. 

Their products are loved by their customers because of BOMANI Cold Buzz coupons and BOMANI Cold Buzz discounts. 

Vanilla Hard Cold Brew Coffee- When their first product hit the market their sales were exploding and as fast as their product was launched it was being brought off the shelf even faster. They were impressed by this so after this initial success they focused on receiving customer response. The most common request was the demand for a second flavour. They followed the similar way of creating a solution with a different flavour. 

From the beginning they thought that the Vanilla flavour will keep the nutrition count to low. Other than that they also know that vanilla is a popular flavour among consumers. 

Finally after months of preparation they launched the vanilla flavour and people accepted it as gracefully as the first product. It has been a wonderful experience for them what started as a little fun experiment is now a part of peopleís lives. 

Their goal was to make a product that compliments their original product. 

When they launched their second product the BOMANI Cold Buzz promo code was also released. 

How to use BOMANI Cold Buzz coupons? 

The BOMANI Cold Buzz coupons are extremely useful for their loyal customers who wait for their products to be delivered to them. If you want their coupon then you just have to subscribe to their newsletter. When you finally get the BOMANI Cold Buzz coupon code do not lose focus and read all the important details. With this information you can get better BOMANI Cold Buzz deals.

When you decide which product you want to buy just enter the code on the promo code section and checkout with the discounted price.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Where are your brandís coffee beans sourced from? 

When it comes to their product they have made a vow to be truly transparent with their customers on all fronts. They display the calories in the drink and they also ethically source their coffee beans. Their Arabica coffee is sourced from farms in Mexico, Peru, and Nicaragua. 

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