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This company started with a choice. When they went shopping in 2013 they did not plan on starting a new company. They had recently brought a bed and needed sheets for it.

As they traveled to different shops they saw multiple products that they could pick.

The problem was that they felt not one option was suitable for them. They were all kind of similar with vague designs and did not provide any information on how they were manufactured. If you are to rest with these sheets every night then you have to trust that is not harmful. Unfortunately, they did not find any option that provided complete information. There had been a deadly collapse of a textile factory which killed over a thousand people. They realized that many customers support questionable supply chains by making a purchase. The question had come to their mind can a product be good if it puts others at risk and is born out of forceful oppression.

After this, they decided to start their own textile company to start an ethical and visible supply chain. After a lot of research, making prototypes, and discussions it all comes down to doing the right thing. Their company started because they wanted to do the right thing. Organic is not a marketing keyword they use to promote their products but it is the foundation on which their business is based.

Their business also releases coupons that can be found on Coupon Rovers. All their products have only organic cotton and this provides customers with better alternatives. Cotton farming is filled with supply chains that oppress people and it is a very dark background. But when products are sold all of this is left behind. In India, the average life expectancy of a cotton farmer is 35. It is so because of possible debts and pesticides. So the brands which use their cotton have a responsibility to fix this problem. That is why they went with organic cotton farming as it improves the lives of farmers and does not decrease their life expectancy. Organic cotton sheets are also better than any other product you may discover on the market. So they dedicated this business not only to serving their customers but improving the lives of the workers too. They improved the lives of customers with the Boll & Branch coupon code.

They use a third-party verification system to make sure that the raw materials they source are ethically sourced and to make sure the raw materials from which the product is built meet international standards. They have not built a brand on tumbling supply chains but a revolutionary approach and they are fully visible about it. You can read how their product is manufactured and what raw materials are used. Other brands may not be as visible as them. Boll & Branch coupons and Boll & Branch discounts help their customer.

It is a fact that most of the textile factories provide some poor work conditions because they want a quick turnaround time. They manufacture their products in the US, Portugal, and India. They employ only adults who are paid fairly for their work. They do not oppress them to work more than enough hours. They believe that business can also be done fairly without exploitation.

After holding themselves to such standards they were proud to be the first Fair Trade Certified manufacturer of linens. When you use products of cotton grown using pesticides then that can lead to irritation. That is why they prefer organic farming more because your comfort is crucial for them. By providing you with comfort in their products they win your trust.

Their business model is unique because organic cotton only accounts for 1% of all cotton grown. So when they say they are different they mean it as their entire business model and product line is based on organic cotton. The Boll & Branch promo code helps create awareness for their brand.

Available Products:-

They have recreated the supply chain of a textile company by putting workers rights first and the quality of raw materials is their priority. These choices impact the products and create a difference. The Boll & Branch deals help people get comfortable sheets at a good price. They provide a lot of comfortable products from organic cotton that includes sheets, bedding, bath products, and mattresses.

They create products that are comfortable, safer, long-lasting, and designed with perfection.

They do not mind dedicating more time to create the product but in the end, it should be perfect and right for the consumer. Boll & Branch coupons and Boll & Branch discounts give people another reason to purchase their products. They convert cotton seeds into a finished branded product and they do this alone without including any middleman in the process. Because of this, they sell unique and comfortable products at a price suitable for their customers. With the combination of the quality and durability in each Boll & Branch product, they can be certain that they are the superior brand in the market.

They do not think any manufacturer can compete with their products even if it is expensive than their products. They know that even though their product is amazing it may not be for everyone that is why they provide a month-long warranty period. At this time you have to realize whether their product is for you or not if you think it is not then you can return it and get a refund. If you feel it is for you then have a good time ahead.

The Boll & Branch promo code is the reason people keep buying their amazing products.

How to use the Boll & Branch coupons?

The Boll & Branch coupons are amazing for customers to get some discounts. If you are thinking about where to find these amazing coupons then you only have to subscribe to their newsletter. When you finally receive the Boll & Branch coupon code do not rush into using it but read the details first. An informed customer gets better Boll & Branch deals. Make up your mind on which product you want to buy then enter the code on the promo code section and proceed to checkout with the discounted price.

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What does thread count mean?

Thread count is the standard measurement of the number of vertical and horizontal threads contained within one square inch of fabric.

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