What are the bokee coupons?

The journey of their business started after the twins of the founders were born prematurely. If you are struggling with parenting buy their products by using their coupons that can be found at Coupon Rovers. They knew that they had a long road ahead of them but they did not know what to expect from the future. Their twins spent weeks in emergency care and were in a critical situation. When both kids were alright to go home their feeding needs went down in different paths.

Elodie was nursed naturally for 20 months whereas the other twin Owen went from nursing to pump milk, donor milk, formula to being fed through a tube. As parents, they spent many nights taking care of their babies and then later worrying about things. Every parent thinks whether they are doing things right and can improve it a little. One night when they were going to make yet another bottle the thought hit them why do they need to put their crying baby down and wear a carrier just to take the top off. This seemed unnecessary when all the hands did was hold the bottle. They couldn't let this idea go away as they thought maybe there is room for improvement in what they do.  The bokee coupon code helps customers get this amazing product at a discount.

Days later they met with their friend Andrew who was an amazing engineer and designed alot of products. Andrew was also a father of three kids so when they shared their problem with them he could relate. Together they decided to create a solution for this. Their idea led to the realization that a bottle prep accessory that can work with existing bottles. They realised that many parents will benefit from such a product and that the need for such a product has always been there. Bokee coupons and bokee discounts gives customers alot of joy.

While the product was useful they also wanted it to look good so that it fits right into the collection of baby products that most parents have for their kids. After creating different prototypes and getting feedback from their wives they finally reached the conclusion when they created the bokee. Today the bokee is used by alot of parents to transfer breast milk from pump bag to a bottle for the baby. Now you will not face unnecessary challenges when you want to feed your precious baby. They make sure that you have an excellent experience with their products. They have had a steady growth as parents across the world loved this solution to their problem. Now be an advanced parent with bokee. The bokee promo code is invaluable to their marketing team.

Available Products

Now you do not have to trouble yourself or your baby everytime they need to be feeded. The bokee deals make the product more approachable.

Feeding your baby has been made easy by their products. Bokee provides the ultimate bottle hack for you so now while feeding your baby your hands can be free. This is a must have accessory for any mom who uses a pump. Easily transfer the milk from bag to glass with bokee. The bokee can be used on glass of any material it can be washed with a dishwasher. The bokee was created by parents to simplify the process of feeding children and it is aimed to help parents. If any milk is accidentally poured into the bokee it can be poured back too. They do not believe in wasting milk so they have designed a product that suits their ideas. Bokee coupons and bokee discounts make the product more appealing to parents.

How to use it?

Push to firmly suction the bokee down on a surface. Then nestle the bottle into the bokee. Then apply gentle pressure as you loosen and tighten the bottle as you need.

That's just how you use the bokee. While designing the product they always thought the product should be easy to use and that is why they made it like this.

It being easy to use is why parents purchase it another reason is the bokee promo code.

How to use bokee coupons?

The bokee coupons are loved by their customers as they lead to amazing discounts.

If you are also their regular customer and looking for their coupons just subscribe to their newsletter. When you receive the bokee coupon code make sure to read the details. If a customer has the necessary information then they get better bokee deals. When you decide which product you want to buy then just enter the code on the promo code section and proceed to checkout with the discounted product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is your return policy?

They know that even though their product is perfect it may not match the expectations of everyone and there can be some errors from their side too. That is why they make sure that if you want to return their product then it is an easy process.

Once you receive the product in your hands you have thirty days to be eligible for return. If it is done within the first thirty days only then the return process can move ahead. Return the product in the same packaging that you received it in. Make sure that it's condition is alright as it will be resold. When they receive a return they assess whether it is in the condition to be resold or not. When your return is received, inspected, and processed then within two weeks the amount will be credited to your account. If the money is not credited to your account within this period then you should contact them. It is possible that the returned product does not meet their criteria.

The customer is responsible for paying the shipping costs of the return as shipping costs are non refundable. While making a return kindly select an insurance option for the package as they cannot make sure to receive the product. This way your product is insured and you can get money if it is damaged or lost.

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