What are the BOGNER coupons?

The founding stone of the Willy Bogner Ski company was set up in 1932.

They provide amazing coupons to go with their products that can be found at Coupon Rovers. It started as an import business for ski equipment and Norweigan knitwear. The revolution in their business started when Maria Bogner presented trousers made out of stretch material. After that, they will be called bogners and it will become a regular term.

Maria created a unique combination between sports and fashion. In 1950 the company relaunched the classic Bogner Jackets with a different modern interpretation. Their customers appreciated their product line a lot. Since then Bogner has taken the fashion world by surprise and they love to surprise their beloved customers. The iconic star Taylor swift wore a classical Bogner piece for the cover of Variety Magazine. As you can see Bogner has always been a part of the culture that people love. The BOGNER coupon code helps customers purchase products at a discount.

The Bogner Management

Willy Bogner, Owner

Willy Bogner was a successful german skier and to time member of the German Olympic ski team. While he had a passion for skiing he also had a good sense of business. So he mastered business administration and joined his parent's company BOGNER following the advice of his father. After the demise of his father, he took over the operations of the company. BOGNER sport, BOGNER woman, BOGNER man, and FIRE + ICE were created when the company was under his leadership. He took the company ahead and did what his father imagined about the business. He also has a subtle interest in photography and filmmaking. Two years ago Willy Bogner sat back and appointed Arndt a trustee to represent his interests. Wherever the company today is was once a vision in his head. Even though he has retired from managing daily operations the company would not have been here without him.

BOGNER coupons and BOGNER discounts help provide a unique customer experience.

Gerrit Shneider, Co-CEO

Gerrit Schneider started her brilliant career at General Electric and completed her education with a master's in business administration. She is skilled in her job and has plenty of experience. She was recently the CFO of General Electric. She is proficient in handling the finances of a business. She has been a member of the Bogner board since 2019. As co-CEO, her responsibilities are to manage financial, legal, technological, and operational aspects of the business.

Heinz Hackl, Co- CEO

Heinz Hackl completed his MBA at a reputable university. After getting the knowledge of the business from his study program he proved himself when he became the brand manager at Cadbury beverages. After that, he became a strategy consultant at Boston Consulting Group. With his consistent performance, he kept on getting better roles like MD and CEO. He became CEO and partner of Rene Lezard where he significantly contributed to developing the brand over a decade. This is the highlight of his career. He became a member of the board in 2018 and today as Co- CEO he is responsible for sales, design, marketing, and licenses. Their customers always wait for the Bogner promo code.

Available Products  

Bogner has always provided luxurious sports fashion products that their customers enjoy. They believe performance is important but that doesn't mean fashion should be left out. They provide great BOGNER deals on their products.

Bogner Sport- Bogner Sport stands for high functioning and performance always displayed in a fashionable way. This product is seen everywhere during the winter. Their products are ever-evolving no matter which season it is. In summer the technical golf styles are produced to impress golf courses around the globe. The brand remains as important for its customers as it was before. It is like this because they never disappoint the customers and keep bringing them new products. Bogner has been such an important brand that it has defined athluxury since the twentieth century.

Bogner Fashion- Maria Bogner combined both the sports component and the fashion component in their business. This vision has led the company since the 1950s.

So every season Bogner releases a collection of fashionable products that will capture the customer's eyes. Their focus in this section is on the luxurious casual look which suits you if you are going to work or for an event. No matter what your day may include you can rely on their products to get you through. BOGNER coupons and BOGNER discounts create opportunities for customers.

Fire + Ice- This collection is based on the popular ski film of the 1980s Fire and Ice by Willy Bogner.  The Fire + Ice Brand was created in 1989 to support a young and active lifestyle. It can be worn in winter for freeriding and in summer for hiking, running, or cycling. So their product can be useful for customers in all seasons that is why they love the brand. The collection presents you with an urban city look which appeals to most people living in cities. But the versatility of this brand does not stop in the cities only you can take it to the beach for a cold surf during the summer. The BOGNER promo code helps you get your favorite product.

How to use BOGNER coupons?

The BOGNER coupons have a high demand because of their popularity. Everyone wants a discount on their products so if you are looking for their coupons subscribe to their newsletter. When you receive the BOGNER coupon code do not put the coupons to use immediately read the details first. An informed customer easily gets the BOGNER deals. When you are able to decide which product you want to purchase just enter the code on the promo code section and proceed to checkout with the discounted product.

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