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Body Glove 

What are the Body Glove coupons? 

Body Glove is inspired by all things water. California lifeguards Bill and Bob constructed the first functional wetsuit and named it the Body Glove. They provide rewarding coupons that can be found on Coupon Rovers. They have been supporting people to do what they love for a decade. They support you with innovation whether it is in or out of water. Their history goes back to 1953 when the first Dive N Surf store opened on Redondo Beach with a 30-day lease. The ocean was so close to the store that waves would break the windows. They discovered the Rubitex here and invented the first wetsuit. In 2014 Bill and Bob were honored by a statue that was erected near the King Harbor’s entrance. They were crazy about what they did and helped many people along the way. This is the place where they would drive around from running between their Drive N Surf shop to their boat. Customers will always know about the value of the Body Glove coupon code. 

Warranty and Care 

if you want to clean your wetsuit Wash it with your hands and use clean water then hang it to dry in the air. Do not use washing machines or dryers while using this wetsuit.

This can lead your suit to shrink and stiffen. Do not expose your wetsuit to harsh chemicals or detergents it will harm the quality of the wetsuit. chlorine or sunlight can fade the fabric. For daily use do not exert excessive force while putting on or taking off the wetsuit. Avoid contact with sharp surfaces or objects because if you make contact the wetsuit may get teared off. If you feel a need to return the wetsuit then return it to the original place of purchase or an authorized dealer. 

Contact the place of purchase so that you can make appropriate repair arrangements with them. Send them an accurate description of the wetsuit and where the repair needs to be made. They will decide whether to repair or replace the wetsuit themselves after receiving it. When they receive a returned product they carry a thorough inspection of it to make the correct choices. Whether you are returning or repairing the product you will need to show them the original receipt. 

While making the return make sure that the product is clean and dry. If somehow this is not the case then they do not move forward with the process. 

Body Glove coupons and the Body Glove discounts always bring their customers joy. The wetsuit has one year warranty during that you can get it repaired by just paying for the shipping costs. 

They do not abandon you after you purchase the product their help is always there for you even after the sale is made. If you want to claim the warranty because of a problem with the product. You are free to do so. After purchasing their product if you have any query or complaint then you can contact their customer service. They hire the best customer service professionals and train them according to their standards. 

The Body Glove promo code is effective in bringing down the prices. 

Available Products 

They have a long variety of products that the fans of the beach will love but a few products have become a favorite of their customers. That is why they highlight them on their site so that new visitors can find them. With their amazing products, they occasionally release amazing Body Glove deals. 

EZ 8”2” inflatable longboard surfboard package- This allows you to surf anywhere without traveling with a lot of weight. This board is a devil because of the double layers, drop stitch, and high-pressure construction. This makes it a board that can ride with you and let you flow. Experience true freedom with this product and enjoy the thrills. 

The thickness and narrow design allow for better edging, carving, and maneuvering in the waves. You will be able to easily adapt to the change in waves. If you want speed and flexibility then this is the best choice. It is more buoyant than a traditional hardboard which makes it easier to paddle. Now you will be able to paddle faster on the water and catch waves in time. If you want to hassle-free time on your next beach adventure then pick this product. Body Glove coupons and Body Glove discounts will always be available for use. 

Porter 9’6” inflatable paddle board package- It is extremely lightweight, convenient, and designed for your needs. It is portable and the most versatile adventure companion. The upgraded package continues to deliver superior performance to its customers. 

It has a storage pack which helps in transporting all the accessories. 

This is suitable for a fishing trip. There will be a time for adventure and relaxation. 

If you find yourself going on such trips frequently then this is a must-have for you. 

Body Glove promo code brings in new customers. 

How to use Body Glove coupons? 

The Body Glove coupons have been used by a lot of their customers. If you are looking for their coupons then you do not need to stray just subscribe to their newsletter. 

When you receive the Body Glove coupon code make sure to check all the important details that come with it. An informed customer gets better Body Glove deals than others. When you make up your mind on which product you want to buy then enter the code in the promo code section and checkout with a discounted product. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

What is the international shipping policy? 

They have partnered with Global Shopex to fulfill international orders. If you are placing an order and want to deliver outside the US then add the product to the card and select International Checkout Button. When you choose the international shipping option your package will be shipped by global Shopex automatically. You will be able to see all the duties that you will have to pay for the package to arrive in your country before making the final payment. You can make payment with an international credit card, PayPal, and bank account transfer. 

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