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What are the Bo Stegall coupons? 

Bo Stegall is driven to provide you a curated salon experience. To promote their services they provide coupons through Coupon Rovers. Step into an experience designed for you to unwind and communicate with ease. After an in-depth conversation between you and one of their hand-picked artistic team of colorists and stylists, you'll receive a curated salon experience. Bo Stegall coupon code fills the customers with joy.

Once you feel comfortable, sit back and enjoy a complimentary beverage of your choice. They pride their multicultural salon on being the perfect mixture of a five-star salon experience, paired with a relaxed and authentic environment that allows you to be yourself. Come to your reservation ready to relax and let them pamper you!

Their Artistic Team

Bo Stegall- Greenville's 2019 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Bo Stegall captures all hearts with his genuine and caring personality. He is driven and creative inside and out of the salon. Creating his very own line held to European standards, the Bo Stegall | The Collection is for sale in their retail section at the salon, as well as online. 

Outside of the beauty industry, he is heavily involved in the Dacusville City Council.

Now accepting female guests for color/cut reservations. Bo Stegall coupons and the Bo Steggal discounts put the customers quickly at ease.

Heather Cox- 10+ years of experience - Heather is a color, cut, and BABE hair extension specialist. You can also find her line, iBite Cosmetics, in the retail section of the salon. Bo Stegall promo code is used as a marketing tool to attract customers.

Available Products

Bo Stegall super red professional I 5 in 1 curling iron- 5 curling tools for the price of 1

Super red heating technology works to Improve the HEAT-UP Speed While reducing styling time. This iron heats your hair from the inside out preventing damage to the cuticle. Bo Stegall deals are released now and then to increase customer reach.

Bath Care Kit- Take your long bath, steamy shower, or quick shave to the next level. This two-piece duo Bath Care Kit is a must-have. Provides excellent awakening and uplifting crisp aroma from organic botanicals & herbal extracts.

Oral Health Care Kit- This dynamic duo not only freshens your breath but keeps your teeth white for a  better smile. This Oral Health Care Kit was designed to keep the enamel protected, fight harmful bacteria, prevent cavities, and naturally whiten.

Keeping both no.4 whitening toothpaste & no.5 mouthwash Fluoride Free, it's perfect for everyone.

Body Care Kit- A combination of lightweight botanicals, herbal extracts, and pure essence of essential oils. This Body Care Kit provides so much more than just its fresh ingredients, its multi-layered capabilities will have the whole family hooked.

Formation Dry Texture Spray- Formation Dry Texture Spray is the next generation in their trademarked BO STEGALL | collection. The formation is designed to add extra texture and volume.

Cell Renewal Treatment (Step one)- Cell Renewal Treatment is the 1st  step in their trademark Bo Stegall | the collection cell renewal technology.

Step 1: is a pre-shampoo treatment used on dry hair to invigorate and open the hair follicles in preparation of steps 2: 8. Dispense 4 to 5 pumps of step 1 cell renewal treatment into your palms and massage until warm to activate the organic ingredients.

Apply the product to the hair ends working through mid-strands. Using what is left on your hands, massage your scalp thoroughly for 60 seconds.

Cell Renewal Shampoo (Step two)- Cell Renewal Shampoo is the 2nd step in their trademark Bo Stegall | The Collection of Cell Renewal Technology. 

Apply a dime to quarter size amount step 2 cell renewal shampoo to your palms, rub together to activate the organic ingredients. starting with your scalp scrub thoroughly for 30 seconds. (you may not notice a lather on your first wash.) continue dispersing the product mid-strand down through hair ends. Rinse. Bo Stegall coupons and the Bo Stegall discounts create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. 

Reapply to massage your scalp for 30 seconds. (you may notice a lather on the second wash.) Rinse. Continue with step 3 Cell Renewal Conditioner to balance your pH.

Cell Renewal Conditioner (Step three)- Cell Renewal Conditioner is the 3rd  step in their trademark Bo Stegall | The Collection Cell Renewal Technology.

Apply a dime to a quarter-size amount of step 3 Cell Renewal Conditioner starting with the hair ends, working through mid- strands and scalp. Leave on your hair for 60 seconds or longer before rinsing thoroughly with warm or cool water.

Step 3 Cell Renewal Conditioner can be used as an overnight luxury hair mask. To use as a mask: Apply Cell Renewal Conditioner to wet or damp hair. Allow the hair to air dry naturally overnight and then wash thoroughly.

Hydrovital Mist- Cell Renewal Treatment is the 4th   step in their trademark Bo Stegall The Collection Cell Renewal Technology. Apply step 4 hydrovital mist to towel dry hair.

Dispense 4 to 5 pumps of step 4 hydro vital mist into your palms and massage until warm to activate your ingredients. Begin applying to hair ends working through the mid-strands and scalp.

Elevate Root Amplifier- Elevate root amplifier is the 5th step in their trademark Bo Stegall the collection cell renewal technology. Before using your elevate root amplifier, ensure step 4 hydro vital mist has been applied to towel-dried hair.

Shake can well before each use. spray for 2-3 seconds into the sink, not hands, this activates the foam to lotion technology. Dispense a dime to a quarter size amount of step 5 elevates the root amplifier into your palm holding the can 5-6 inches away. massage until hands are warm to activate the organic ingredients. 

Apply the product onto areas of the scalp you desire volume and lift. work through the mid-strands and ends to create volume or texture throughout the hair.

Bo Stegall promo code is delivered through their newsletter.

How to use Bo Stegall coupons?

Customers love the Bo Stegall coupons because these coupons create discounts. With such discounts, customers do not have to worry about price and can focus on the product. Once you get your hands on the Bo Stegall coupon code examine all of the details that come with it. Keeping these details in mind will help you get the best Bo Stegall deals. When you decide on which product you want to buy just enter the code to purchase it at a reduced amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the Bo Stegall salon experience like?

Their building was originally a bank that has since been converted into a salon. The 1970's bank vault is now used as their color vault and mixing station.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee, tea, a glass of wine, beer, or bourbon upon arrival.

They proudly use keune for gorgeous & vibrant results. For a longer-lasting look please ask your stylist about suggested retail products.

How to Connect:-

If you have any query about their products then you can easily get in touch with them.

Address: 225 E Stone Ave, Greenville, SC 29609, United States

Calling Number: +1 864-232-4446

Email address: 

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