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What are the Blum coupons?

The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees, and international market presence. Julius Blum founded the company on 1 March 1952. His first product was a horseshoe stud. Today they are one of the world's leading manufacturers of furniture fittings. Their focus is not on assessing feasibility, but on creating benefits for you. Because it is not about their ideas. It is about enabling yours. They provide coupons that are beneficial for you find them at Coupon Rovers.

They work together with you. They rack their brains to develop and pioneer the future. And deliver solutions that best meet your needs. Let's talk together about new ideas and solutions for a better quality of living. Perfect furniture should look good, be practical and last a long time. Blum helps you translate your ideas into top-quality solutions from day one so that your customers get the quality of living they need. Let's work together to create a better quality of living. Blum coupon code provides a lot of opportunities for new customers.

Blum monitors worldwide trends, carries out its research, and is happy to share its findings with you. Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied!

Because new insights generate new ideas. And new ideas are the driving force of the future. Let's work together to shape the living world of tomorrow.  

Creative design ideas need functional fittings solutions. Blum delivers a wide range of products, comprehensive advice, and a well-thought-out approach. So you can create furniture designs that give you an edge over others.

Let's work together to develop innovative ideas. Blum wants to help you improve quality and increase efficiency by providing expert services every step of the way. Through dialogue and exchange, Blum would like to get to know your processes and deliver the support you need. Let's work together to simplify work processes. ?

No matter whether you sell, incorporate, install or use their fittings daily - you have your definition of quality. Blum quality is tailored to your needs, for their concept of quality is comprehensive: every touchpoint with Blum should offer benefits. For everyone, ranging from furniture manufacturers to end-users year in, year out.

Blum coupons and the Blum discounts generate a lot of interest in their new products.

Blum quality revolves around one key question: Do their products meet their customers needs?

And because needs change over time, they talk to their customers, listen to them, ask questions and continuously develop the requirements of their products and services.

Blum products are at home all over the world. But it's a long road until they deliver enhanced user convenience to furniture around the globe. Watch their video to find out how Blum quality is created and what makes it so special.

As a manufacturer of fittings, they do a great deal to ensure that their products inspire users a furniture lifetime: they do research, conduct tests, and carry out ongoing optimizations. For them, product quality is not just about design and function. Their fittings suit a wide range of applications and can be assembled and installed with utmost precision.

Blum is not just a supplier of top-quality products. They develop solutions that allow you to further enhance the quality of day-to-day operations. They rack their brains over your processes - from ordering the right fittings and manufacturing perfect furniture to successfully selling kitchens. Make the most of their services and make individual jobs or even whole work steps simpler and more efficient.

Every trend is an opportunity to be one of the first in the market. Blum is keen to support its partners every step of the way. With innovative products that are state of the art. And with new services that make your life easier. Let's shape the future together. ?

Collaboration is based on trust. They work hard to earn that trust.

They are ready and willing to assume corporate responsibility towards you, society and the environment, and their employees so that they can inspire you over the long term. Blum promo code is appreciated by their regular customers.

Available Products

MOVENTO- Perfecting motion is their motto and the driving force behind the development of all their products. Their MOVENTO runner system gives you a synchronized feather-light glide, four-dimensional front adjustment, and a dynamic load-bearing capacity of 40 and 60 kg with high stability and excellent sag values.

Pull-outs have an ultra-smooth running action thanks to low-friction nylon rollers and the synchronization of drawer profile and roller carriage which produces a synchronized feather-light glide. Blum deals highlight the products that are for sale.

Not only can you adjust the height and tilt of fronts. MOVENTO now also offers side and depth adjustment so gap alignment is quick and easy, precise, and tool-free.

MOVENTO is available for load-bearing classes of 40 and 60 kg. The runner system delivers high stability and excellent sag values. Handle-less designs are no problem for MOVENTO. Simply combine the runner system with SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION, or TIP-ON and your furniture will open at a single touch.

Their new BLUMOTION S for LEGRABOX and MOVENTO gives you the flexibility to implement three different motion technologies with a single runner. And you get perfect soft-close BLUMOTION. Secure hold for pull-out shelves The pull-out shelf lock for MOVENTO and TANDEM securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place.

Blum coupons and the Blum discounts protect new customer's interests.

TANDEMBOX-  Their tried and tested metal box system offers a multitude of applications and great scope for design - ranging from standard to individualized solutions. All TANDEMBOX applications are based on the proven TANDEMBOX cabinet profile, giving you a feather-light glide and enhanced opening and closing ease.

MODUL- MODUL's combined slide-on and screw-fix feature have proven its worth for many years. The functional hinge is very popular with furniture makers.

The hinge delivers easy slide-on front to cabinet assembly. Its 3-dimensional adjustment feature guarantees perfect gap alignment. And an integrated pull-out stop ensures that doors are held in place.

AVENTOS HL- AVENTOS HL lifts small fronts parallel to the cabinet, making it the ideal solution for mid and high-wall units with cabinets positioned above them. The front moves up and out of the user's way so it can be left open during cooking.

Blum promo code can cut the price of most of their famous products.

How to use Blum coupons?

The Blum coupons are an amazing way for their customers to buy the product they want at a discount. It is also easy for their customers to get these coupons as all they have to do is subscribe to their newsletter. When you receive the Blum coupon code in your inbox make sure to check every detail. With everything in mind, you can get the best Blum deals. Enter the code once you are purchasing to get a reduced price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is their business sustainable?

Taking care of the environment and its resources is very important to them. Their measures to make their business as gentle on the environment as possible have exceeded legal requirements for decades. For them, sustainability means taking responsibility. Their Environmental and Energy Policy sets out their approach.

How to Connect

They love to hear from their customers which is why they make it their priority to respond to you within the time limit.

Address: 7733 Old Plank Road

Stanley NC 28164

United States of America

Calling Number: 800-438-6788

Email address:

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