Top Five Fashion Choices for Thanksgiving 2022

Top Five Fashion Choices for Thanksgiving 2022


Thanksgiving is here and with it comes the customary dinner dates and get-togethers. And with any occasion, comes the need for a new style statement, right? �Of course, but what do I get that isn�t already out of trend or isn�t last season�? Well, fear not, we have some of the best ideas for those looking to leave a mark. These fashion mixes are bound to leave your blind date looking for a second one! From formal dinner-wear to comfortable party casuals, this is the definitive list for everything fashion this Thanksgiving. Look through and be inspired to give these quirky combinations a try.

Best Party and Dinner Dress Combo

Looking for the perfect dress to wear on your first date? That�s simple, but oh! You have friends to meet on the way! That�s more like it! Well, you simply can�t go wrong with this classic cozy wrap jacket from Zella. Toned in a metallic grey and with an asymmetric cut, it is elegant and cool at the same time. The team that with the AllSaints Fleur Orsino Butterfly Pleated Asymmetric Hem dress, and you have a match made in heaven. You can choose to accessorize this with a couple of rings if you so choose. It�s best not to add too much bling to what is already so perfect. All you need are the perfect knee-length boots to go with this. For this, look no further than the BP Cali Stretch Over-the-knee Boot. Together, these three should give you the confidence to win over any date. Rise and shine! 

Top Dress Choice for a Dinner Date

If you are looking for something more formal, you really cannot go wrong with a neat dinner dress that goes down knee-length. Paired with a few accessories, coupled with the perfect dinner shoes to go, there is nothing more divine. Thinking of something exactly along this line but coming up short? Can�t decide? Well, we are here with the absolutely stunning Maggy London Illusion Yoke Crepe Cocktail Dress. Believe us, it will be the best experience to try this out this season. Available both in petite and regular length, as you would prefer it, there is no going wrong with this one, it is an absolute keeper. You can accessorize this with earrings, rings, armlets, or bracelets, the world is your playground on this one. All you need now are the perfect footwear to go with it. For that, we prescribe the very classy Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Pump. You can get it in black to go, or opt for something more risqu� and go scarlet. You could also go for something open-ended, but the closed look is perfect, we feel.

Best Hot Look of the Year

Finding everything a bit too tame? Looking for something wild? Something off the beaten track? Well, if you have no problem setting the stage on fire, this is something you should consider. Get yourself the Topshop Oversized Turtleneck Sweater, if you are looking for a statement piece. This piece is an absolute stunner, with its asymmetric cut and volumetric drape. It is available both in regular and petite lengths. Your chosen length should be according to your height. Ideally, we would suggest you take the length that leaves your knees to the view. After that, you can pair it up with the perfect set of above-the-knee leather boots. Our choice would be the new Kenneth Cole New York Levon High Boot, it works an absolute charm with this one. This look doesn�t need any more accessories to enhance it, it is everything in itself. You could team it with a handbag if you so choose. Get it and watch everyone get blown away. It is an occasion piece, nothing comes even close.

Best Choice for a Simple Look 

Is all of this a bit too much? Looking for something simple for the simple soul that you are? If you are looking for something a bit muter, fear not, we have just the thing. You cannot go wrong with the Elan Grecian Cover-Up Dress. Grecian motif work is done all over in the most elegant manner, it is elegant and folksy at the same time. The geometric pattern motif does wonders for the optics of the dress. It doesn�t overwhelm, and neither does it underwhelm. The perfect mixture of calm and rush at the same time, this dress is an absolute wonder of contradictions. It is available in white motif work against black or black motif work against white, whichever you prefer. You can pair this with a simple necklace with geometric work and a pair of simple flats, that�s all you really need. 

Best Elegant and Chic Look for a High-Class Dinner 

Having a party in the high circle? Not really the place to show off your flair? Well, for the perfect look that exudes elegance, look no further than the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Circle Cardigan. Light beige in tone, the cardigan can be matched with a white tee or a crop top, whichever cuts the cake for you. Pair this with a beige bottom, such as balloon pants, or loose-fit trousers, and you have the perfect look for a high-class casual get-together. Accessorize with a few rings, you are sure to have a few of them. Even a nice set of earrings or a plain necklace would go well with this. Classy, suave, and elegant, all in the same package, this is a clear winner. 

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