What are the Bathorium coupons? 

Bathorium began with one mission in mind; to revitalize the bath time experience
They did this with coupons that can be found at Coupon Rovers. 

While having a great trip through Europe in 2014 Gregory stayed at an Airbnb on the coast of Italy. Everything about this was stunning but Gregory found a claw bath set up with a living apothecary equipped with unique clay, useful salts, essential oils, and vegetable butter. This made him think that why did he miss this experience till now and he thought that such products can benefit many customers back home during their everyday life. It was this unique experience that became the root of every Bathorium product today. They believe if a customer has even half the experience Gregory had then they have succeeded in their mission. Customers are united by the use of the Bathorium coupon code. 

Bathorium was founded on the concept of benefits based on bathing; bath soaks invigorate, restore and rejuvenate the end user. From day one this Canadian entrepreneurís mandate is to create a truly memorable bath experience focusing on the bathers well being.

Obsessing over the product quality, integrity of the ingredients and consistent bath innovation are the guiding principles ingrained into the entire Bathorium team.
Free of any harsh chemicals, phthalates and parabens- Bathorium wants everyone to leave the bath rejuvenated, relaxed, and restored.

At Bathorium they believe that everyone is unique and everyone has a voice to be heard. They stand up for the voices that get muffled by the wind and amplify the opinions of the movers and shakers of today. Bathorium coupons and the Bathorium discounts generate interest in their new products.

They thrive on the unknown and constantly push boundaries. They change the perception that people have on baths, push for change on ethical sourcing of raw ingredients, and continuously change the landscape of quality bath products.
Through their products, partnerships, and education, they aim to awaken the true inner beauty within each one of them. They believe in living well, loving unconditionally, and bathing beautifully.

They want to provide their avid bathers with a truly unique experience in the tub. Alone time can be in short supply and in their opinion there is no better way to spend it than in a tub with a libation, a good book, and quality bath products. 
Nature provides them with so many beautiful oils, salts, clays, and butter that detoxify and moisturize your skin and balance your mind. They want everyone to leave the bath rejuvenated, relaxed and restored.

Their Mission

To create premium bath products that invigorate and restore oneís body, mind, and soul. Tapping deep within to pure tranquillity, while toxins and negativity flow out from the body leaving one with a clear mind, a relaxed body, and a full soul.
They are a Canadian start-up on a global mission to #BringBacktheBath.

Their Promise

They vow to provide a consistent exceptional bath experience every time. They will never sacrifice product quality or integrity for price and will continue to source each ethically produced ingredient. Providing Bathorium promo code is also their promise to their customers. 

Available Products 

Bath Bombs- Small batch-crafted and embodying the spirit of Aphrodite the god of love and beauty, this bath bomb is larger than the heavens and is their most decadent bath experience yet. Once this fizzy bomb glides into the water, warm and rich cascades of vanilla, chocolate absolute, and wild Bulgarian rose to start to flow throughout the tub, and creamy coconut milk sets the mood for a decadent bath fit for the Gods. 
They create amazing products and sell them with the help of amazing Bathorium deals. 

This bomb is even larger than their typical bomb size and you can expect a full 12 minutes of fizzy, creamy detonation time making it the perfect choice for treating yourself to some well-deserved self-care, or the best gift for someone you love!

Let's make 2021 the year of love - romantic love, love for your friends and family, love for your community, and most importantly - loving all that makes you, YOU!
Aphrodite is the perfect place to start that journey.

Crush Bath Soak- Creamy & luscious bath soaks, handcrafted without any toxic nasties. These fizzy soak melt into the water producing a rich and decadent crema. 
Always free from parabens, SLS, phthalates, and artificial fragrances or colors.

Milk Mineral Bath Soak- Creamy coconut milk, coconut Co2, and luscious oat milk create the base for this soak while light aromas of pure organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla envelop you. Bathorium coupons and the Bathorium deals help the customers rely on their brand. 

Notable Ingredients 

Coconut C02 Pulp: Harvested from the pulp of the coconut, this rich and buttery oil nourishes sensitive skin and offers a subtle, gentle scent 

Epsom Salt Flakes: 30x more concentrated than your typical Epsom Salt, these flakes dissolve into the water delivering muscle-relieving power in a soothing soak

Colloidal Oat: Gentle while still offering powerful skin-protecting benefits, Collodial Oat is the superstar ingredient behind this soak's skin recovery effects. 

Sleepy Time Pyramid Bagged Tea- This liquid lullaby features notes of smooth vanilla chocolate, golden strands of calendula petals, and South African red rooibos. The perfect way to drift into the sleepy abyss. caffeine-free! 

Notable Ingredients 

Rooibos: This flavourful, caffeine-free alternative to green and black tea is filled with antioxidants 

Cacao: Rich in polyphenols, cacao is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich

Calendula petals: Heals and soothes while aiding indigestion. With the Bathorium promo code, you can get high-quality products with rich ingredients at a low cost. 

How to use Bathorium coupons? 

The Bathorium coupons are amazing when it comes to getting some discounts. Their fans love the coupons so much that they have created an email program to serve them with the coupons. The Bathorium coupon code works well but once you receive a coupon be sure to check all its details like its discount rate and on which products it can be applied. It is only after checking out such details that people can get amazing Bathorium deals. Once you have made up your mind on which coupon to apply on which product just enter the code before making the payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

What does a Slow-release bath bomb mean? 

Slow-release means the bomb wonít immediately dissolve in the bath right away. Most of their bath bombs take about 6-8 minutes in the hot water to completely dissolve allowing you to feel the carbonation while in the tub (itís like a free massage!)

How many times can you use one bath bomb?
All of their bath bombs have been designed as one bath use to allow their bathers to get the best experience in the tub. If you do want to save the bomb for multiple uses simply remove it from water when desired and leave it on a paper towel until the fizzing ceases.

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