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Introduction to the baabuk US Coupons & Promo Codes

At baabuk US, they love wool but they are not sheep.
They dance to the sound of their drums and that is why they always innovate. Soon they realized that comfort and exploration are not stark different. They go well together to be able to discover people's need to be comfortable. In 2011, while visiting Russia for Christmas Galina's parents gifted them a pair of Valenkis, this was a traditional set of footwear that the Russians preferred for years.

These shoes were the warmest shoes that they had ever used.
They keep your feet comfortable when temperatures drop to as low as -40C. Soon they realized that the need for these products still exists today but they do not have to look as ancient as they do. That is why they redesigned it but kept the functionality the same. Now what they found, in the end, were good-looking shoes that will protect your feet from the cold but will also look presentable.

Then Dan’s job sent them to Jakarta and it was there that they decided to manufacture these felted shoes on their own. Maybe it was the thrill of a new country that gave them the courage to produce something new but this was an essential step in the production of their shoes. However what they created in the kitchen hardly looked like a shoe but as they say, you learn from your mistakes.

Even though their first creation was a failure they did not give up and decided to make eight pairs of slippers. It took them eight hours to make one pair. To gain feedback they put these slippers in front of their friends. Some of the feedback was negative but others were adventurous and risk-takers who encouraged them to take the slippers to ISPO.

They were not the ones who would quit and that is why they went to the tradeshow in Germany. It was here that their destiny changed forever. Alot of people loved their slippers and they got an order of around 700 slippers.

When they got the order they had no idea how to source the materials, manufacture, and ship such an order. At their rate of production, it would take around more than 2 years to ship such an order. That is why they decided to invest in some things essential for business. Multiple tools and experienced staff was used to manufacture their products. In six months their first order was shipped.

Finally, in 2014 Dan decided to work on the business full time and he quit his job.
Then they started their first factory in Nepal just a few months ago the country had a big earthquake. By seeing the resolve of the people to rebuild they were motivated to impact the country positively both socially and economically.

People are always looking for something new that is tied to their history and they knew that others would love their idea. That is why in 2015 they launched their first Kickstarter campaign. After two more successful Kickstarter campaigns, they were able to launch the amazing baabuk US sneakers and boots. They have been given extremely positive support throughout their journey but what blew their mind was getting their B Corp Certification and ISPO Gold Winner Award.

Today they have working employees in around three continents.
Contemporary and Cozy is a good combination for them and on this combination, all their products are made on. Just because the product is durable and cozy does not mean you have to miss out on style. With thrill and adventure, they run their business. Everyone is always on their toes as they wait for what is new.
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baabuk US Deals

They have a lot of revolutionary products but some of them attract customers every time and for their benefit, they highlight these products to attract more customers.
Sky Wooler Blacknose-  The baabuk US Blacknose collection are sneakers that are made of wool from the Valais Blacknose Sheep. Blacknose Sheep is extremely beautiful and their wool makes these sneakers beautiful. The rubber sole of these sneakers makes them extremely durable in front of challenges.
Sky Wooler Jeans- These amazing sneakers come with high-quality wool and rubber sole but it has style. Since you can select different shades of designs.
Wool Slip on- Slip ons were created centuries ago and they were inspired by slippers. Now years later baabuk US brings you a modern version of slip ons. The level of quality and comfort in these slip ons are similar to the sneakers.
Yves Light Grey Orange- They wished for slippers that were not only comfortable to wear but also extremely fashionable. Generally, people are ashamed to wear slippers outside but baabuk US slippers are different. Sometimes they can even look better than some other company’s shoes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1. My baabuk US shoes have got wet. What to do next?
If your baabuk US shoes ever get then simply take them out and leave them to dry at room temperature. Do not worry the shoes will not get damaged because of water but kindly do not dry them in the dryer.

How to Connect

If you have any remarks for them that you need to communicate then do not shy away from reaching out to them.
Address: baabuk US Sarl, Avenue du Rond-Point 25, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
Email Address: info@baabuk

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