What are the AIRBAND coupons? 

AIRBAND is a collaboration between Nick Graham who is a fierce innovator and Global Brands Group. If you are looking for their coupons you can find them on Coupon Rovers. The collaboration works because Nick has amazing marketing tactics and innovation skills while GBG provides the infrastructure for distribution and marketing. They work to provide technological solutions for respiratory diseases caused by climate change and population growth. Together they have attracted customers towards AIRBAND because of the AIRBAND coupon code. 

Living in an urbanized space affects the respiratory health of citizens. This can be a big problem in the future so they find ways to create products that solve these issues. AIRBAND works with firefighters, healthcare professionals, researchers, and environmental experts. Working with them gives them an insight into which products they can create to help with respiratory problems. They initially offered face coverings and apparel.  Then the company will work to create products like home filters, window covers, etc. 

AIRBAND coupons and AIRBAND discounts are available for most of their products. 

With the help of GBG AIRBAND has been able to expand into key global markets like Asia and Europe. Global Brands Group Holding Limited has licensed many brands and created multiple products that improve their customers’ lives. 

They believe in manageable innovation. Every business should innovate but sometimes innovation can get out of hand. Businesses can start to lose money that is where management comes in if they manage the whole process of innovation then the risks decrease. The group is an expert in brand management through collaboration with other businesses that have similar interests. 

About Nick Graham

Nick Graham is a renowned fashion designer and a skilled marketer. He is the founder of Joe Boxer. Joe Boxer is one of the most popular lifestyle brands. They did not need millions of dollars in advertising to reach where the brand is today. All because of their dedicated workers and the genius of Nick Graham. If a business just sells products then customers may not come back but if a business brands itself and sells the brand.     Then there is no other alternative to be found. 

He follows this idea in everything he does which is why he has been so successful. In his career as a fashion designer, he has achieved many feats like doing the first live streaming fashion show and doing the world’s fastest fashion show. Graham brings his experience in product design to the table at AIRBAND. Here he develops respiratory protective clothing. Respiratory issues are not gonna go away and the problem is only going to increase in the future. So AIRBAND is here to make products that help its customers today and tomorrow. The AIRBAND promo code is available today and will be available tomorrow too.

Available Products

All of their products have AIRBAND RX9 membrane fabric that has been tested to check if it can stop smog, dust, and pollen. Their products also protect you from high prices by releasing amazing AIRBAND deals. The results were in favor of AIRBAND RX9 and the testing also suggests that it reduces viruses and bacteria with an efficiency of 99.9%. They do not know if the membrane fabric can be used as a filter against COVID 19 or not. They do not make claims without testing so if customers want to use it as a protective measure against COVID19 that is their decision. The AIRBAND RX9 remains functional up to 50 washes after that they suggest buying another product. 

Their masks are not supposed to be used by medical professionals it is not for their use. 

If you are using their product in hopes that it will save you from contracting diseases then you are doing this out of your own will. They do not make any claims that it can protect against diseases. Their product is specially designed to protect people from smog particles. AIRBAND coupons and AIRBAND discounts make sure that you do not spend a lot of money on respiratory health-related issues. 


Orders that are placed early morning are shipped on the same day whereas orders placed after 11 am will be delivered to you the next day. COVID19 has brought the world to a standstill but till now there has been little impact on their business.Only international shipments being delivered through DHL are seeing delays. 

If they see any other impacts in the future then they will surely notify their customers. Awareness is important as customers should choose carriers that are not facing any delay. That is why other than providing AIRBAND promo code their newsletter also raises awareness. 

How to use AIRBAND coupons? 

The AIRBAND coupons are important to customers who are looking for ways to get big discounts. It is not difficult to get your hands on these discounts as they run a newsletter which provides them. When you receive the AIRBAND coupon code don’t get too excited and notice all the details that come with it. With the details, you can get better AIRBAND deals. Enter the code after deciding which option you want then the amount to be paid will be discounted. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do they use the information that you provide them? 

They use personal information to monitor their business. With the help of the customer’s information, they can know their demographics and how much their business has grown. They also use personal information for customer service that can include prompting their customers about product warranty, product repair, refunds, exchange, etc. 

Businesses like AIRBAND have many third-party partners that help them stay operational. For these third-party partners to function correctly they need data so they may share your information with third-party partners. 

Sometimes as a marketing effort they can also use personal information to alert their old customers about new products that they are releasing. They also need to notify their customers about changes to their website’s policy. That is why customer information is key for a successful online business. 

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