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Air Armor Tech inflatable, military-grade cases protect with AIR. They easily inflate to offer extreme protection and deflate to offer extreme storability. Made with super-premium components and unmatched craftsmanship to provide you with the best insurance for your weapon system and its precious zero. They provide amazing coupons through Coupon Rovers.

If your Air Armor Tech product is not everything they promised, return it to us for a full refund on the cost of purchase, no questions asked. They make this bold guarantee because they are so confident that you will be more than satisfied with not only the performance of the air protection but also with the design and workmanship of the product itself. Air Armor Tech coupon code can generate consumer interest.

Capture air, add a little pressure and create a remarkably resilient, energy-absorbing surface. Built into a case, inflation will protect your firearm or scope as well as any hard case.

But, that's where the similarities end. Arrive at your destination and a protective hard case becomes a space-wasting nuisance, while an Air Armor Tech inflatable case deflates to just 15% of its inflated size. And, because it's made of fabric instead of plastic or aluminum, you can roll it up for easy stashing.

Because air is lightweight, so is an Air Armor Tech case. Their gun cases are so lightweight that they built backpack straps in them for hands-free transportation.

If you aren't so sure of the ability of an air-filled fabric to protect your treasured gun or crucial scope, consider the airbag in your vehicle. Like their cases, the airbag creates an energy-absorbing surface designed to protect something of significant importance (your life!) from blunt-force impact with a steering wheel or dashboard. Similar to Air Armor Tech cases, an airbag is made of premium, high-performance fabrics designed to use air for maximum protection. Need they say more?

The Air Armor Tech case contains a premium, high-performance air bladder that was specifically designed to encase your firearm or scope in protective air. Made of highly durable material, the air bladder inflates (and deflates) quickly and easily with a hide-away inflation port.

This means that when not in use, you simply deflate your case, roll it up and stash it away. Air Armor Tech coupons and the Air Armor Tech discounts create buzz around their brand.

Blaine Rock Tompkins is a fighter pilot with 3,000 flight hours, 20 years of service, and multiple combat deployments with both the US Navy and US Air Force in the F/A-18 Hornet and F-16 Viper. Asked in 2009 to work on the newest fighter aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II, which incorporates advanced avionics, sensors, and weapon systems into a pilot helmet, he immediately recognized a looming problem that would need to be solved.

While the $500,000 helmet performed well, the increased sensitivity, value, and requirement to fly the jet could not be adequately protected by the standard-issue quilt-lined bag that did little more than provide a means of carrying the helmet. Hard case options are simply too heavy, bulky, and do not fit into the cockpit. Perhaps being both protective and collapsible was seen as an impossible option, but it got Rock to thinking. Why couldn't one devise a case that offered the needed protection but took up less space? So, he did with AIR!

That case is the Air Armor Tech helmet case featured on this website. However, Blaine did not stop there.  With so many applications for this amazing technology, after several years of design and testing, they are proud to introduce the first high-performance Air Armor Tech gun and scope cases. Air Armor Tech promo code cuts the costs for the end-user that is why they stay loyal to their brand.

Available Products

Long gun and Bow case- The Long Gun Case (LGC) holds multiple firearms or a compound bow up to 52 inches in overall length and weighs only eight pounds. When deflated, it will roll up into a small, 18-inch x 9-inch diameter roll. Made to carry a variety of firearms and compound bows, The LGC can easily hold two long rifles with optics. There's a pistol pouch sewn in so you can place a combination of a shotgun, a carbine with optics, and a handgun inside for easy transportation to three gunshots. Also includes an arrow pouch as well. Air Armor Tech deals are released to fulfill the promises they made as a brand.

Tactical 12 Coyote- The Air Armor Tech Tactical 12 inflatable scope cover is designed to protect an optics zero, structural integrity, and cosmetic features against significant blunt-force impact, as well as provide flotation for up to 21 pounds of the weapon system.

With an average of over 2 1/2 inches of inflated air bladder surrounding the entire scope, the Tactical 12 is designed for 12-inch class optics mounted to a rifle system operating in extreme field environments.

Team AAT | Logo Wear Trucker Hat- Get America's favorite (and most popular) snapback trucker cap embroidered with Americas toughest Veteran owned company logo - Air Armor Tech! Made for those that want to wear the best.

Helmet Bag- Air Armor Tech founder, Blaine Tompkins, is a fighter pilot. During his service, Blaine was among the first Air Force flyers asked to test the next generation of helmets (for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter) that now contain much of the electronic technology required by a modern military. Air Armor Tech coupons and the Air Armor Tech discounts are the reason people stick with their brands.

F35s cannot be flown without properly functioning helmets, each of which is customized to the pilot and costs upward of $500,000. So protecting them and their usability are essential. Cases originally designed to protect these helmets were cumbersome and didn't fit into the cramped quarters of the fighter jet cockpit. Blaine recognized the problem and set out to find a solution.

Blaine's concept was to develop a protective case that would inflate to protect and deflate to store. The inflatable case he designed uses air to offer full 360-degree protection. It conforms to the helmet, is lightweight, and deflates to allow for extraordinarily compact storage. It is, by all accounts and warrior testing, the perfect solution. Air Armor Tech promo code is distributed through their newsletter.

How to use Air Armor Tech coupons?

The Air Armor Tech coupons work to benefit customers and in return bring a lot of customers to them. It is not difficult to get their amazing coupons as you can do so just by subscribing to their newsletter. But once you get the Air Armor Tech coupon code kindly read all of its conditions to make smart decisions. Only an aware customer can get the best Air Armor Tech deals. Enter the code that you have received on the product that you want to buy, then wait to see if the coupon affects the price if it does then proceed to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The rubber inflation valve popped out during the inflation process; can I fix it?

Yes, simply push the conical end of the valve down into the manifold to seat it. The face of the valve should be approximately flush with the end of the manifold.

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