OnePlus 3: Extraordinary Smartphone of Top-Notch Technology is Available Now

Are you planning to buy a stylish Smartphone of top-notch technology? Then it’s your time to meet your desire. OnePlus 3, a Smartphone of highly advanced technology and design is ready to buy now in India. Exceptional features, elegant design and faster charging options have made the recently launched OnePlus 3 Smartphone a great choice to the people; want to be updated with the latest technology. You don’t need carrying a camera of high megapixel as the mobile itself a great camera to capture high quality pictures. To change your old handset with a new one, it could be a great choice. From saving time to recharge the Smartphone to availing faster internet surfing options will be easier to attain to you. It is no doubt that the set will be everyone’s choice as the exceptional features of different Smartphone is available in this handset.

After the launch of OnePlus 1 & 2, it is the latest launch. As per the Smartphone reviewers, this is an exceptional Smartphone that has extraordinary features. From the body of the phone to its design and technology, everything is exceptional. Now, you would be interested in revealing the exceptional features of this mobile that has been launched with the best market potentiality due to its quality. Below some of the key features are mentioned. However, in this context you should remember that OnePlus has gained its popularity since the launch of its first Smartphone. In addition, the reasonable rates of the mobile phones, offered by them also attracted people in buying the mobile phones from them. It’s your time to take a look at the exceptional features of OnePlus 3 Smartphone. By gaining information in this context you would surely delight to have it as early as possible.

One Plus 3 Smartphone


Design of a Smartphone creates its first impression. What an elegant look and design is there in this set! Incomparable design as well as attractive look of this handset will attract you. It may be your status symbol as well.

design one plus 3

In addition, you can impress your friends, family members, office colleagues or others by having the mobile in your hand. The design is quite similar to HTC 10, which is also of impressive design. Therefore, if you wish to have a stylish Smartphone in your hand that will be of latest technology then choosing this one could be a wise choice to you.


Display of 5.5” with Optic AMOLED panel of OnePlus 3 Smartphone is another excellent feature of this set. Resolution of this mobile is 1080p. Gorilla Glass 4 protects the display. Therefore, you could be happy with the display that offers you not only display of better quality but also assures better protection of the display as well. However, if you compare this mobile with other Smartphone only by comparing the display then you may feel depressed. But by comparing the phone by its different features with other sets, there is a great probability that you would choose this one.


camera one plus 3

Do you click pictures with your Smartphone often? If you do so then having a Smartphone with better camera will be your utmost preference. In this course OnePlus 3 will be a better choice to you as the set includes a camera of 16 MP. Therefore, to meet your photo clicking needs, you will find this set highly preferable to you. In other words, it could be said that you will delight to keep the real life events in your memory in the form of quality pictures by having this Smartphone.

Specs & Hardware:

A Smartphone user though looks the design, its body yet, what matters more to them in choosing a Smartphone is the hardware of the set. In this course, OnePlus 3 would be their best preference as the best technology is used here.  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 CPU, 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory, 3,000mAh battery makes this Smartphone a brilliant one. Having so many lucrative features in its hardware, you will delight to have this set. Most of the Smartphone users of previously launched OnePlus Smartphone having interest to change their mobile will easily get attracted to this set. In addition, people, using handsets of other brands and eager to change their phone soon with a better one, will also get interest in this Smartphone that has exceptional features.

Price and Availability:

Last but not least, everyone would be interested in knowing the price of this Smartphone. In addition, you will also desire to get knowledge about the sources, from where you can buy the set. As mentioned earlier that the OnePlus Smartphone, launched previously were available at competitive prices in spite of being Smartphone of superior features. The same thing happens at this time also with the OnePlus 3 Smartphone. You can buy this Smartphone at Rs. 27999 only in India and it is available at Amazon. In US OnePlus 3 is available at $399.

OnePlus 3 Smartphone has launched 14th June and has become available at from 15th June, 12.30 AM. Therefore, to meet your desire of having a Smartphone of lucrative design and advanced features, you can visit the website of Amazon now and can place your order now.

Benefits of Having OnePlus 3:

Smartphone is not a newer device at present times but OnePlus 3 Smartphone is no doubt a Smartphone of latest design and greatest features. Therefore, it is easy to estimate that you have an expectation from your Smartphone and if you are not attaining satisfaction in your existing one due to different reasons then take a review of the hardware of this set and finalize your decision. Whether you want to change your old one or not, by getting information about this latest launched Smartphone, you may get interest in buying this one. Having a Smartphone of exceptional and high notch technology with high quality camera, faster battery charge, in elegant look and at reasonable price are no doubt some of the best benefits that every Smartphone user will aspire to attain. It’s your time to make decisions as you are now familiar with the features, benefits, prices and availability of the Smartphone.

Author: Sunil Saharan

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  • Finally the wait for the most awaiting smartphone for 2016 is over. People could now buy One Plus 3 from Amazon to make use of it.

  • At last the wait is over,One plus3 is launched now.I was waiting for this phone for the past few months.Now I can buy this phone from amazon.