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Have you ever dwelt on India’s opportunities of becoming topmost aviation market all across the globe? Well, you can straightforwardly come to the conclusions that India has been trustworthy aviation marketplace which show all signs of progress & competition inside the industry. With respect to the traffic data shown by DGCA, it has been estimated that no. of passengers transported by domestic airlines in times of January-August 2015 were 523.55 lacs in comparison to that of 433.24 lacs in the previous years. This data approves registered growth of 20.84%. Along with sustained increase in the private airlines, new fleets and destinations have come into public interests. In accordance with the market share, a collective description of major airlines is suggested hair below.

Air India

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You can refer to Air India as the flag bearer airline of India which is under control by Air India Limited (AIL), a venture of Government of India. As a matter of fact, you can call it the third biggest airline department in India in term of domestic private share. The enterprise is further engaged in serving a number of domestic and international airports with airbus and Boeing aircrafts. The enterprise has its headquarter at the Indian Airlines House New Delhi. This eminent government airlines enterprise has got total market share of 16.4%.
Passenger Load factors: 79.3%
Passenger Complaints (average): 1.7% (No. of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Feet Size: 108(excluding subsidiaries)
Cancellations: 1.20%
On-Time Performance (Planned Domestic Airlines):
BLR: 83.4%
DEL: 79.4%
HYD: 78.6%
BOM: 68.2%

Go Air

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Being one of the finest but economical transporters based in Mumbai, Go Air started functioning from November 2005. It is widely known airlines group of the Wadia Group. According to market share, the aviation endeavor stood at fifth largest service providers by the month of January, 2014. This airline has resumed its operations for domestic traveler services to 22 cities with more than 140 daily flights and 975 weekly flights. You can effortlessly find its hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. This airlines is present with its 8.2% market share.
Passenger Load Factors: 75.6%
Passenger Complaints (Average): 1.3 %( No. of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 19
Cancellations: 0.44%
On-Time Performance (planned Domestic Airlines):
BLR: 85.6%
DEL: 90.1%
BOM: 76.9%

Air Asia

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While finding low-cost carrier keeping in mind your budget, you should definitely fix your gaze on Air Asia India which is the very example of Indo-Malaysian tie up. Being headquartered in Chennai, this airline comes out as part of the joint venture with Air Asia Berhad which gets hold of 49% of the airline at a time when Tata Son occupies 40.06% and Telestra Tradespace is accountable for the 10% in the airline. More interestingly, this corporation has led to Tata’s come back to the aviation after almost 60 years. Air Asia got into its operation on 12th of June, 2014 with Bangalore as its prime hub. Even you can consider Air Asia as the foremost foreign aviation setups which established its subsidiary here in India. This reliable airline is thriving with 1.4% share.
Passenger load Factors: 72.1%
Passenger Complaints (Average): 1.0% (No. of Complaints/10.000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 5
Cancellations: 0.0%

Air Costa

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Being a Vijayawada based regional airline, Air Costa is actually from Andhra Pradesh. We could see its first flight to be operational on October 2013. Chennai has still been one of the major destinations for its functioning and maintenance. This airline has also been inseparable part of LEPL Group, a Vijayawada-based company. This aviation group has started only with 300 working staffs incorporating expatriate pilots and engineering workers. Their careers have been functional since October in the year of 2013 using two Embraer E-170 airplanes. The airline company has been carrying on its business with 1.0% share of total market share.
Passengers Load Factors: 77.3%
Passenger Complaints (Average): 0.8% (No. of Complaints/ 10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 4(+50 on order)
Cancellations: 0.79%

Jet Airways

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With no doubt, Jet Airways is India’s notable airline which is based in Mumbai. In addition, it is the second major aviation group in the country irrespective of market share & the passengers transported. Obviously, there are after IndiGo. This very aviation group has got approximately 300 flights to get to 74 destinations all over the world. Having its main hub in Mumbai and added hub in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata o and Bengaluru, Jet Airways is in service for 47 home destinations & 22 global destinations. Therefore, a total of 69 destinations in all over 19 countries including Europe, America & Asia. In fact, you should not fail to notice its market share which is of 19.8% as well.
Passenger Load factors : 80.8%
Passenger Complaints in average: 1.4% (No. of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 116
Cancellations: 0.96%
On-Time Performance (Planned Domestic Airlines):
BLR: 89.6%
HYD: 85.6%
DEL: 87.6%
BOM: 82.7%


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When low-cost airline is your idea, then you should think as a traveler none other than but SpiceJet for your pleasure. Its headquarter is there in Gurgaon in India. This airline has been well acclaimed as country’s fourth leading aviation company. It has been possible due to massive passengers borne by it. Even a considerable amount of market share which is 12.3% has been witnessed in the month of July in the year of 2015. Even this aviation group further operates a number of 270 daily flights to at least 41 destinations. . Amongst these destinations, 34 Indian cities and 7 global cities.
Passenger Load factors: 92.1
Passenger Complaints (average) : 1.4% (No. of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 34
Cancellations: 0.70%
On-Time Performance (Planned Domestic Airlines):
BLR: 81.3%
HYD: 76.9%
DEL: 77.4%
BOM: 71.4%


jet lite
JetKonnect, the low cost brand of Jet Airways, is typically Mumbai based airline. However, it is fully owned by Jet Airways. From the very beginning, this very aviation is the low-priced subsidiary, referred to as Jetlite. But practically, it started in the name of JetKonnect after it got united with Jet Air ways’ several other domestic low cost trade name in 2012. At present, it goes through a process of amalgamation with Jet Airways and obviously categorizes them as code share, that is to say Jet Airways flights are being controlled by JetKonnect. It will remain until the merger of the two forever. Like ground and onboard services of Jet Airways, this aircraft is also being repainted in its corporate colors. With progressive business, the company is also on the verge of teeming development with the market share of 3.0%.
Passenger Load factors: 78.7%
Passenger Complaints (Average): 1.4% (No.of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 9
Cancellations: 0.44%
On-Time Performance (Planned Domestic Airlines):
BLR: 89.6%
HYD: 85.6%
DEL: 87.6%
BOM: 82.7%


Nowadays, you can hear about latest airline like Vistara. This newest aviation group has its hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Being called a joint initiative of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, this aviation company has started off its journey on 9 January in the year of 2015 along with its opening flight between Delhi and Mumbai. This airline has carried off 5 lacs passengers by the month of August in 2015. Starting September, 2015, the airline started functioning with 251 weekly programmed passenger services across 10 domestic destinations within the country and a fleet of 6 Airbus 1320-232 airplane. With the introduction of Vistara, the opening of quality economy seats on domestic path took place. However, Vistara is seemingly having 1.3% market share too.
Passenger Load factors: 62.9%
Passenger Complaints (Average): 0.2% (No. of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 7
Cancellations: 0.19%

Indigo Airlines

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Indigo Airline is such a trustworthy Indian low cost aviation company that offer benefits to its passengers if they use goibibo coupons for a definite reduction in the travel cost. Since the company has got its headquarter in Gurgaon, this company is highly operational with all of its 633 daily flight having connections with 38 destinations as well as 5 international destinations. You can find the aviation company having its primary hub there in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Its presence operational aspects include 97 aircraft which belongs to the A320 genre. In the year of 2014, Indigo transported 21.4 million passengers in the domestic circle. This aviation group must be referred to as the best one with 38.5% market share.
Passenger Load factors: 76.8%
Passenger Complaints factors in Average: 0.7% (No of Complaints/ 10,000 Pax)
On-Time Performance (Planned Domestic Airlines):
BLR: 90.0%
HYD: 85.0%
DEL: 88.8%
BOM: 69.2%

Air Pegasus

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Air Pegasus has been a prominent regional airline which permits its passengers to make successful uses of yatra coupons. This regional aviation company is known for its role as ground-handling services company. Commencing its journey on 12th of April of 2015 with first ever in between Bangalore and Hubli, their services are always chosen for delivering its travelers facilities of make my trip coupons. However, it is noticeable too that Air Pegasus as a company is also having 0.2% total market share.
Passengers Load factors: 77.1%
Passengers Complaints (Average): 1.4% (No of Complaints/10,000 Pax)
Fleet Size: 2
Cancellations: 5.81%

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