Incredible Nightclubs in Delhi/NCR to Hangout

Who wouldn’t desire to visit a rocking nightclub at the weekend while living in Delhi? After all, nightclubs with its limitless entertainment & classy cuisines could be the hot place to drive away your boredom. Young guys or lovebird feel perplexed in choosing between a desirable travel destination or few hours of reckless enjoyment at those nightspots at Delhi/NCR. Being collegiate residing in Delhi or North Capital region, you must experience the freedom of taking your dear pals or girlfriend to one of your choicest nightclubs where gratification has its own definition. Whether it is dancing with incessant beats of music or looking for priceless beverages, the choices are yours to live life to the fullest. Delhi/NCR is such a destination most probably in northern India where you can specify passionate hangouts for the youngsters. Find the sensations of nightclubs there as it cannot be found anywhere else. Let’s have a look at the topmost party spots there in Delhi or North Capital Region.

The Blue Bar
The Blue Bar
So far you are looking for one of the hottest bars here in India with its ratings as best, The Blue Bar which is inside The Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi has been the amazing place to spend your nighttime there. Those hours would be awesome with delectable cocktails & superior quality services as promised. Its appreciable & open surroundings have housed a lounge which could be exemplarily ideal to fix a dreamy date. As far as the place is costly for couples and even for the individual for a pint of beer, it is worthy of receiving your attention.


Keya Bar, Vasant Kunj
While searching for typically superb nightclubs for best ambiance in the Delhi region, you must come up to such a place which is located at Vasant Kunj, in South Delhi locality. Keya nightclub has made favorable arrangements for its clients with adequate open-air sating facilities & open lounge areas. The place is marked by scented ambiance with faint illumination and high tables inside. This definitely best nightclub comes out with unique conglomeration of stringent security with pleasant service. You could easily enjoy an unforgettable evening out at Keya costs approximately Rs 3,200 for couples and Rs 300 for a pint of beer.

Kitty Su

Kitty Su, Lalit Hotel
Delhites may find very few hotels that are open till 3am. For your kin information, Kitty Su at the Lalit Hotel belongs to these very lists exotic nightclubs. Regarded as one of the widely popular nightclubs in Delhi/NCR having EDMs (Electronic Dance Music), Kitty Su is remarkable and happening with particular gigs. These gigs turn this place into becoming alive effortlessly. No doubt, the place has been into a five star hotel with its expenses. Such as Rs 4,000 for two people. Very few party-spots in the NCR can compete with Kitty Su in terms of quality maintained.

Cocktails & Dreams (speakeasy)

Cocktails & Dreams, Gurgaon
Gurgaon has a number of bars or party-spots with nightclubs as well. However, Cocktails & Dreams shows up something different them. According to their history speakeasy bar finds its root there in the US. In olden times, Speakeasy bars were thought to be night clubs and bars which its owners kept hidden from police and law establishments. In fact, Speakeasy is ready to serve some of the delicious cocktails and delectable food. When it comes to interior decorations, speakeasy bar has undisputed stylishness with wooden slatted furnishings and the place is put in the basement. As a matter of fact, you should know that the place charges 2,500 for two people.


Skooter, Hotel Samrat
Interestingly Skooter is one of the frequently visited nightclubs inside Hotel Samrat at New Delhi. However, party-spot is better known for attracting elegant crowd from the city of Delhi. Even its outstanding features include Pink & Black theme interior decoration with superb composition playing in the backdrop. The Skooter having two floors and they are specifically ground floor and first floor. In terms of your entry to this well-known party-spot, you should come to know that ground floor is for normal entry and the first floor is reserved for the VIPs. Even you must be aware of the fact that Skooter continues to be open till late midnight (1:30). You can get things there at somewhat cheaper rate than Shiro. However, it costs Rs 3,500 for two people.

Club Pangaea

Club Pangaea, Chanakyapuri
Do you have any experience respecting Delhi party scene? Well, then you should get to widely admired Club Pangaea to consider it as the most pricey nightclub in Delhi/NCR. Every Saturday, visitors throng to this party-spot for great night-clubbing. The place is especially mention worthy for its furnishings. The added beauty has been purple checked cushion walls red lamps and along with gorgeous Renaissance paintings. As per expectation, the place is precious with 4,200 Rs for two people. To increase your happiness, service is very fast paced and the staffs are very cordial from the core.


Do you want your budget to lie low, and then it must be choice to keep moving towards RSVP@Tapas. Keeping in line with stern entry rules RSVP offers best possible outdoor seating facilities. In fact, this popular party-spot allows couples only. The inside of the spot does not appear to be very large, but full with appreciable tune or melodies. The one & only shortcoming could be its very tough entry rules. As it is mentioned previously RSVP@Tapas lets you use restaurants coupon for expected reduction in its charges. Basically, this exact party destination charges Rs 2,000 for two people.

Ice Lounge

Ice Lounge, Saket
Looking for as cool a party-spot as you are? Don’t worry Ice Lounge is there in the Delhi/NCR region for your satisfaction. Most strikingly, Ice Lounge is an inn which is totally made of ice. Are you shocked? Yes, everything there is really made up of frost. It could be effigies, tables or ice chairs etc. The place cannot be discarded by one in terms of price. Rather, it would be lifetime experience to be there with your dear one. The charges are very rational with 2,000 for two people accompanying 300 for a pint of beer.

Zest Bar and Lounge

Zest Bar and Lounge, Noida
Situated at Sector 18, Noida, Zest Bar and Lounge has declared by many as the most happening bar one can see find in Noida which is also the part of greater Delhi/NCR region. If you take pleasure in getting entertainment from ambiance, then Zest Bar and Lounge has no parallel. Even you should feel astonished by the remarkable treatments of well-mannered staffs. The other side of their services is that they serve delectable dishes covering extensive cuisines like those from Chinese, Italian, North Indian, Mexican or Lebanese as well. Even you would be to get them only at 1,500 Rs for two couple. Even you would remain thankful for the portions they are going to serve at reasonable price rate. Well, they are satisfying indeed. In addition to your gladness, regular live shows are being held by them on Saturdays.

Shiro, Hotel Samrat

Shiro, Hotel Samrat
Once you enter Hotel Samrat to attain some experiences therein, Shiro, the leading restaurant cum lounge cum nightclub should be your first preference as you would gradually feel attracted to this luxurious and chic party-spot however. In Delhi or North Capital Region, this place has been synonymous with quality food or ambience you would like to choose. Another specialty of Shiro is that it never feels any disadvantage in offering Korean, Thai or Chinese cuisines for its prestigious visitors. Even they also don’t differ in maintaining qualities for long lists of cocktails and drink menu. None other than a grand Buddha statue in the midst of the main bar has contributed to the extravagance of the lounge cum nightclub. Even two stunning levels are dedicated to personal dining.

In addition to the exotic nature of this leading nightclub, you have to pay at least Rs 4,200 for two people. A pint of beer also costs Rs 400. You must not forget to get it as foremost recommendation to spend an awesome night with great dinner. Now, you are familiar with the renowned nightclubs in Delhi and therefore you can avail the best benefits to meet your desire in the best way. A great number of opportunities you will avail in meeting your desires as you could avail the best services in the best way. It is the time to choose your favorite destination to spend time with your partner for the best relaxation. Having information online you will be able to get the latest benefits available in the market and thus you can refresh your body and mind in the best way.
While you are staying in the heart of Delhi or anywhere in the North Capital Region, you should definitely indulge in visiting amazing bars and nightclubs for lifetime experiences for both of you and your acquaintances. Whether it is a treat for your girlfriend or any other nearest one, nightclubs in the Delhi has most amazing things to offer. Their incredibility lies in delivering comfortable atmospheres for entertainment and gossiping which you like most. Instant facilities, initiated by drinks & beverages coupons will help you greatly in attaining quality scopes as well.

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