Incredible Getaways from Mumbai to Hangout around Weekend

In the financial capital of India, Mumbai, instead of leading prosperous life, people want to experience change as the city is noisy and far from the natural scenic beauty. At any place, if you stay for a longer duration, it will be a boring experience to you. In addition, you may want to spend some quality time with your friends or family members at a nearby place from your city. This is a way to get rid of the daily hectic schedule as well as to refresh the stressed mind. If you also feel this thing then your interest will be revealing the best getaways from Mumbai. You may not have enough time to spend a week or three to four days out of your city due to your work life, yet, there shouldn’t be any problem in planning a weekend trip. Yes, if you are interested in making a short trip to a nearby place this weekend then you will try getting knowledge about the incredible places within a short distance from your home. For this reason, going through this write up will be an option of great advantage. Here you will get scope to be familiar with the mesmerizing places within a short distance from Mumbai and the information will help you making better decisions in meeting your desire of making weekend trip.

Lonavala (Destination to Fall in Love with Nature):

LonavalaIf the environment in your city seems noisy and if you are planning to spend one or two days with the nature, where silence and greenery is the beauty, then choosing Lonavala as your trip destination will be a fantastic idea. This is the place, where you will feel the power of silence, the importance of greenery, the purity of air as well as peace of mind. You will forget all the miseries in life by watching the enormity of Sahyadri range and lovely valley. This is a place for couples, a group of friends or passionate people in each other to spend some time with the nature, far from the hassles of life. Caves are the special attractions during the trip at Lonavala.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary (A Lovely Place):

Karnala Bird SanctuaryWith the planning to visit a place nearby Mumbai in this weekend you may plan for visiting Karnala Bird Sanctuary, which is a lovely place in the way to Goa from Mumbai. A den forest, covering a wide area, is the place, where birds of wide varieties are found. By driving your car if you are planning to find a short duration getaways then it could be a wiser choice to you. This is a place of interest to many people and you will also find the place to overcome your boringness of daily life. You can make the trip with the latest travel coupons as well. In addition, the place is not too far from Mumbai, therefore, you will easily be able to plan this trip and your family members will also find the place of great enjoyment. From October to April if you visit the place, you will find the place beautiful. Just in one day the trip could be done. So, you may plan now.

Alibaug (A Place of Interest for Getaways):

AlibaugAre you feeling bored these days due to following same routine in your day to day life? Then why not you are planning for a weekend trip to a nearby place from your residence in Mumbai? Now, find one of the places of most interest for this reason. Alibaug, 95 KM far from Mumbai, is a place, where you can take part in water sports, can visit Phansad Sanctuary and make some other activities to entertain you and your family members or the co-trippers too. It could be one or two days trip and this is the reason too for making a plan. Months from Octobers to July are the best time to visit the place. Therefore, without making any delay to get rid of your boredom and experience freedom plan the trip and you will find a great relief from your stressful life.

Raigad (Experience the History of Royal Maratha Period):

RaigadFortThere are many historical places of great royal emperors in India. Raigad is one of them. An outing to the place can change your mind as you visualize the royal period of Maratha and get an opportunity to stay away from your stressful situations. Therefore, you should always try to find a way out that could be highly helpful for you in getting rid of the stress and tension of our daily life and for this reason for the Mumbaikars an outing to Raigad could be a great option to meet their desire to live in peace and harmony in life. It is only 103 KM from Mumbai and could be one day trip. From experiencing hiking to cable car ride will be possible to you. Now, you are familiar with the best short trip destinations from Mumbai that could help you getting immense opportunity in meeting your desire in the best way.

Kolad (Take Part in Adventure Activities):

KoladDo you feel good by taking part in the adventure activities? Then Kolad could be an attractive trip destination to you in this weekend. You will find the scope of boating, rafting, hiking, paragliding, etc. here along with the opportunity to experience the scenic beauty. From Mumbai, Kolad is just 120 KM far; therefore, preparing a plan to visit the place with the yatra coupons for one day will be of great benefit to you. In addition, it is also true that finding out the most significant benefits to entertain you is also easier here. Therefore, without making any delay if you plan for visiting the place, then it will help you getting immense scope to discover a newer environment, healthy to spend time and thus to refresh our body, mind and soul. June to February is the best time to plan a getaway to the place.

Rajmachi (95 KM from Mumbai):

RajmachiAnother historic place in Maharashtra to make a holiday trip of one day is Rajmachi, 95 KM far from Mumbai.  Therefore, if you aspire for revealing the best scopes to meet your desire of outing for a day and if you are interested in visiting the historical places then you would be interested in visiting this place. Here you will attain the finest advantages of trekking as well as to take part in other activities that tourists prefer to do. In addition, by watching the historic places during with the make my trip coupons, you get an option to see the beauty of nature too and make the trip cost effective as well. Spending time with friends at the place will be of high preference to you and it will help you immensely in attaining quality scopes to enjoy the scenic beauty and the nature also.

Palghar (A Small Town for a Convenient Trip):

PalgharAvoiding the crowd in Mumbai, if you want to spend some time with your friends and family members then you could plan for making a trip to Palghar, a small town of high interest to the short trip makers from Mumbai. To watch the sunset as well as to enjoy other natural beauties if you aspire to visit a place, nearer to Mumbai, then you can consider the place. Here you can explore forts, fishing villages and this is the reason, you will be able to spend the best time with your family members in the best way. This historic place is just 109 KM away from Mumbai; therefore, by running your car, you can make the trip in the best way and it will help you getting the finest advantage in keeping you stress free.

Savarkut Village (A Village for Short Trip Makers):

SavarkutIf you are planning for obtaining the best satisfaction by visiting a place that could be done within a single day then you could plan for making a trip to Savarkut Village. Families of different backgrounds will find a great freedom from the hectic schedule. To change your mood as well as to build stronger relationship with your family members or friends you can choose this option, which is easier to do and affordable too for many of us. Therefore, without spending time to choose a destination to visit this weekend, if you plan visiting Savarkut Village then it will be a great choice to you. The main objective of any trip is to reveal new places as well as to experience good feelings from the life of boredom. In this course, this option will be of great value to you and for your family members as well.

Khandala (In the Foothills of the Sahyadris)

KhandalaSometimes we want to experience the romantic environment with the partners nearer to our heart. Therefore, if you aspire for obtaining the best quality opportunity to share some romantic moments with your closest partner at a place, far from the great crowd in Mumbai, then choosing Khandala as a place of interest in this course could be of great value to you. You, as well as your partner will be in the romantic mood and both of you will find a better scope to share the good feelings with each other. In this way, the environment at a certain place could lead you towards obtaining the best satisfaction in relationship as well.

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  • Unbelievable! All places are wonderful,looks very peaceful and close to nature also.I am sure that these places will make every person free from all frustration and depressions.