Finest Destinations to Make Road Trips in India

Are you planning to make an adventurous road trip in India? For this reason, are you in search of the finest road trip destinations in India? Then you are at the right place. Here you are going to be familiar with the most popular road trip destinations in India along with the best guidance and brief introduction about the way to complete the journey with a great pleasure. The distance, the side views as well as other important factors are discussed here to help you developing a better perception before making the trip. It is said that knowledge is power. If you gather relevant information about the trip you want to make in recent days, then you will be a powerful person in making your dreams come into reality. Day by day, years after years, we become older. Not the entire life goes in a same way. So, when you have lots of energy in the form of emotions, you should try experiencing happier moments. At a certain stage of life, when you feel sad, you will find a way to change your mood by memorizing the happier moments in life. In addition, you feel glad and gather courage and confidence too in leading your future life by having such experiences. Let your dream find a roadway to follow that can lead you towards reaching the finest trip destinations in India.

Road Trip from Mumbai to Goa (Approx. 604 Km.):

Mumbai-Goa HighwaySteer clear the distance of 604 kilometers having the control of steering of your car and the companion of your friends at your youthful days. Yes, I am saying about the trip from Mumbai to Goa. No description is enough to describe the pleasure attainable throughout the journey. The picturesque as side views of the route is indescribable. To feel the taste of the journey, you have to experience it. Food joints are several in numbers in between the distance. However, spending quality time and meeting the food needs during the trip, planning to stay for some time at Chiplum, 238 Km far from Mumbai, is a preferred place to break the journey and to make it more enjoyable to most of the travelers. The journey is expected to be completed in 10 hours, which seems to be neither a hectic nor too short journey for the car runners to enjoy by road.

Bengaluru to Nandi Hills (Peaceful Trip of Approx. 47 Km.):

Road to Nandi HillsA trip by road of just 1 hour can transform you from inside. Does it seem to be unrealistic to you? It will surely be a misconception to you with the finish of the journey from Bengaluru to Nandi Hills. With the planning of spending a few hours from the safe zone in your apartment in Bengaluru and by accepting this route to finish you can discover a route, where peace and serenity exists. From capturing photographs to enjoying the scenic beauty besides the road, you can experience the most beautiful things during this journey. It doesn’t matter, whether you have limited time to relax or you are interested in feeling something different from your day to day life; making the trip is possible to everyone as it is just an hour trip. However, if you have time then you can plan for break the journey at Devanahalli Fort.

Chennai to Munnar (Approx. 600 Km. Distance):

Road to MunnarChange is of utmost importance in human life. Everyone feels bore finding no change for a long duration. If the weather sustains in the same condition or you follow a similar daily routine then no doubt it will be tough to bear with the unchanged situation. But you wouldn’t suffer more, if you are in a similar condition, because you are going to be familiar with the best option to change your surrounding as well as to feel change in your mood and mind also. Now, plan to forget the stressful day and plan for a weekend trip to Munnar from your home in Chennai. Greenery is there, pleasant weather is there to experience. Where there are so many things of difference, no doubt, it will change your mind and help you feeling relaxed. In addition, availing the benefits of red bus coupons you could make the trip cost effective too. It will be a memorable trip for you, which is a trip of approximate 600 kilometers. The journey could take 10 hours and Tiruchirapalli could be your favorite midway stop because beautiful temples are there, where you take rest and capture memories in photographs.

Delhi to Manali (A Trip of Approx. 538 Km.):

Delhi to Manali HighwayAdventurous journey is it from Delhi to Manali. Escaping you from the jungle of concrete buildings for a few days, a trip plan to Manali could be a wise decision. In every kilometer you will see something newer, something adventurous and feel the pleasure with the coming of the destination. If trekking is your hobby, then it will be of place of interest, no doubt to make an enjoyable trip. The 10 hour journey will help you meeting your desire in the best way. Paragliding, skiing as well as rafting is also possible to you at the destined place. It’s a journey of near about 538 kilometers and takes approximate 10 hours to cover up. In Chandigarh you can take rest and spend some quality time to enjoy at Rock Gardens. Before starting a rocking journey, you can purchase some delightful items here too. This could be a memorable and more attracting trip to you and your family members or the people accompany you in this trip. Manali is considered to be the valley of God, where everything is full with purity.

From Ahmedabad to Kutch (A Move towards Serenity):

Ahmedabad to KutchSometimes you need neither diversity nor the feeling of attachment with so many things, needed in life. It could be estimated as a spiritual thought as well. Having so many staffs in day to day life may sometimes go against your feeling of happiness. You may desire to experience separation for a few days to refresh your feeling. It is needless to say that for meeting your desire of this type you will delight to choose the way towards Kutch. From Ahmedabad, Kutch is around 381 kilometers far. Not only the opportunity to experience the abundance of white desert but also buying handicraft from the neighborhood villages will be available to you at Kutch. More or less 8 hours journey it is. To break the journey, it will be best to choose Dhangadhra. Temples and mosques are beautifully built here that may admire you and may influence you to press the click button.

Kolkata to Varanasi (Transforming Joy into Spirituality):

Kolkata to VaranasiFrom the city of joy, Kolkata, to Varanasi could be a trip of great pleasure for the trip planners in Kolkata. It may seem that you are watching a video of a pleasant trip for the route. It is easy to estimate that after covering the distance of near about 682 kilometers you will reach in Varanasi. It’s needless to say that Varanasi is a place of spirituality, where ghats and temples are the best places to spend time. By driving a car you can cover the distance in approximate 9 hours. At Dhanbad you can break your journey and spend some special moments with the co-passengers by visiting the Kalyaneswari temple and other attractive places to visit. In this way, you will find a great option to meet your desire of changing your mood and refreshing your life in a better way. For the Bengali’s Varanasi has been a great place of interest. So, having time and getmecab coupons you may plan for this trip and avail the scope of transforming your life and enjoy the spiritual state of mind.

From Delhi to Agra & then Jaipur (Diversity is the Beauty):

Delhi to AgraA trip that entails not only a thrill but also influences the trip maker to find beauty in diversity is a trip from Delhi to Jaipur via Agra. It’s not a short trip but it should be considered as a long journey, where you have to finish approximate 800 kilometers. For the trip planners, those who reside in Delhi could opt for choosing this trip to get a scope of relaxation and refreshment in life. Yes, you go through the Yamuna Expressway, one of the delighting roadways in India for the car runners. The Tajmahal is in Agra, is not unknown to any tour fascinator. Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are also other places of interest in Agra that attracts people from all over the globe. Finally, when you reach in the destined city, Jaipur, you explore beautiful palaces and forts. Beyond any doubt, it will be a journey of good memories for long time in your life. It may take near about 12 hours to cover up the entire route. However, you get the scope to spend a day during the trip in Agra. During the journey from Agra to Jaipur you may plan for spending a few hours at Koeladeo National Park in Bharatpur and find diverse aquatic birds to be familiar with.

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