Fashionable Brands of Footwear in India

Footwear is a garment for the feet. It is not only useful to protect our feet but also shoes could be one of the fashionable items for us to wear. More than 50 brands are operating in India for meeting the demand in the market. Shoes are available for men, women as well as for kids. However, the demand in the market shows the domination of the men footwear as more than 55% of the footwear market comprises of men’s footwear. The demand of women footwear is near about 30% and rest 15% is for children. Now, you would be interested in revealing some of the prime footwear companies that has been serving for meeting the footwear demand in the Indian market since many years and with great reputation. The branded shoe companies can offer you the best scope of choosing a pair of shoes from a wide array of collections and of the best quality. That’s why the demand of the branded footwear is increasing incessantly in the Indian market. In addition, the availability of the showrooms of these companies and the online sells of footwear of these brands also attracted a great number of people to buy the best quality shoes of their fitting.


BataThe largest footwear company in India is Bata, which was established in the year 1931. Since them the company is offering shoes for men, women and kids. From a wide array of fashionable shoes, you can pick your choicest pair of shoes. In terms of the quality, Bata has grabbed the attraction of millions of customers across the country. Nowadays, you can avail the Bata shoes from not only the showrooms but also you can avail these shoes online as well. Apart from these, you can go through the designs of shoes, offered by Bata at their website too. In this way, the company has been providing quality shoes in different shapes, sizes and designs for people of all ages.


ReebokReebok is an international brand and has huge presence in India, delivering huge range of footwear since long. It has become a renowned name in India and from a common man to a sports person; everyone desires to have a pair of shoes from Reebok. However, having the advantage of the latest footwear coupons make the desire easy to fulfill. The Reebok shoes are available in different designs and people look for the latest arrivals at the site of the brand as they are highly interested in the latest pair of shoes, provided by the source. Now, you are quite familiar with the brand. Among different popular brand names, All Terrain Thunder, Reebok Classic, etc. are famous ones.


NikeA leading brand in the field of footwear, Nike, is worth $10 billion. From a wide array of choices you can choose the best quality shoes, which is within your reach these days due to the availability of Nike shoes online. In the field of footwear provider, as a brand, Nike has a great respect in the market. The name is a big brand in the field of footwear fashion, design and supply. Across the globe the company supplies footwear and the customers are also attracted towards their products. Nike blazers, Air Max as well as Nike Dunk are some of the popular brand names of the company.


LibertyA reputed footwear brand is Liberty, which is Indian originated but spread across the globe. In more than 20 countries you can find the presence of the brand. The company is Rs. 650 cr. worth. Therefore, it is easier to assume that Liberty as an India based company has grown well and the secret behind their growth in the market is the business principles they maintain. The number of customers of the source, Liberty, is increasing incessantly in the countries, where the company presents by its sources. Coolers, Fortune 10, Gliders, Prefect, etc. some of the popular brand names.


WoodlandWoodland is a Canada based footwear company with more than 3000 stores in different countries. In 1992 the company was established and flourished so quickly in different countries. Now, Woodland is a reputed brand in the field of footwear and accessories and in some other fields as well. In India the presence of Woodland is noticeable. That’s why people in the road you may find with Woodland shoes in their feet. With the shopclues coupon you can buy these shoes at discounted rates. Now, it is quite easier for you to understand that buying shoes from a Woodland store will offer you a good value to the money you spend for buying your shoes.


AdidasThe parent company of Reebok, Adidas is over $20 billion worth. In the field of footwear supplying, Adidas is playing a crucial role. People across the globe are keen to wear the footwear, supplied by Adidas as they understand the effort made by the company in maintaining the quality of the shoes of their brand. For these reasons, you would also delight to have shoes of the company and it will help you greatly in meeting your desires by following the website of the company or by visiting any of the local stores or showrooms of the brand. Messi Version, Pure Boost, Supernova, etc. are some of the popular brand names of Adidas.


paragonIn Kerala in 1975, the reputed footwear company, Paragon has established. This is an Indian company that has expanded their business across the country at a very faster rate. They believe in maintaining the quality of the shoes and this is the reason, they have been accepted largely by the Indians as a footwear supplier. You will desire to wear the paragon Max, Escoute, Slickers, Fookids, etc. to meet your footwear needs. This is the time to be familiar with the company in great details by visiting the website of the company.


pumaThe reputation of the brand is easier to assume by hearing the name of a footwear company, Puma. It’s a German company and has been established in the year 1948. EVO speed, Karbon, Pulse, etc. are some of the popular brand names of the company. People, interested in buying the sophisticated pair of shoes in great fashion, tend to visit the Puma stores and buy their choicest pair of shoes. It has become a highly popular store to buy shoes of luxurious designs and of the best comfort.


actionAmong the leading footwear companies in India, Action is one of the iconic brands.  In some popular brand names the Action shoes are available. In recent times, the market has widened for the businesses to spread across the country. The situation is similar to the case of footwear industry as well. Now, you will be interested in finding out the most popular brand names of the company. Flotter, Milano, Fun Time, School Time, Eva Flotter, etc. are a few of the brand names, offered by the Indian footwear company, Action, which is owned by the Action Group.


RelaxoOne of the leading footwear companies, Relaxo, is highly popular across the company for offering shoes in wide range of choices and prices. You will find a pair of footwear as per your choice and within your budget too. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to remember that when you will look for buying a pair of comfortable shoes, you will look for Relaxo shoes as this is a reputed brand in Indian market of footwear. The company worth over Rs. 1000 cr. and went public in 1995. More than 10 manufacturing units of the company prepare footwear to sell through different counters across the country.


lotto-showroom-picLotto is an international brand that has been offering quality and comfortable footwear in India as well. Shock Off, Reactive Arch, Dry out Tech, Dual Density, etc. are some of the popular brand names of the company. When you look for a reputed brand online or in the local market to bag a pair of shoes for you or for any of your family members, you may look for buying shoes from Lotto, which is a renowned brand in India and in different countries across the globe also. The company can satisfy you by offering quality and well-designed footwear at the reasonable costs. You can buy these shoes online as well.


LancerIn 1989 Lancer was formed in Delhi. This Indian company has progressed well in the field of footwear designing. People across the country are familiar with the brand as many people are fond of the footwear items, offered by the source. Though the name of this footwear brand has been mentioned last in the list, yet it’s not fair to feel inferior about the company. By offering the best quality footwear items for different age groups, the company has been serving for a wide range of people in our country. You will feel comfort by wearing the footwear items of Lancer.

Apart from these brands, there are several reputed footwear brands that has been delivering footwear for men, women and for kids as well in India. Irrespective of gender and age the size and choice, you can get footwear from these footwear brand stores.

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