2016 Ongoing Ecommerce Trends in Indian Market

2016 ECommerce Trends to FollowIncessant increase in the internet and mobile penetration in the last years in India made people interested in availing the best scopes available online. It became a favorable situation and a great opportunity too for the e-commerce sector in India to grow with their businesses. From communicating with the companies regarding purchasing the necessary products to making payments online has become easier for the customers scattered across the country. As compared to last year, as per Assocham the e-commerce industry could see a great hike in revenues in 2016. For this reason, irrespective of brands and products including accessories, footwear, dresses, electronic gadgets, etc. will be available at cheaper rates than the previous years. The availability of these products at comparatively lower rates and the home delivery facility are no doubt making the potential customers from all over the country more interested towards meeting their buying needs online. It’s easy to estimate that the online customers will witness a huge discount in buying products online from different reputed online stores in India in 2016. Continue reading “2016 Ongoing Ecommerce Trends in Indian Market”