2016 Ongoing Ecommerce Trends in Indian Market

2016 ECommerce Trends to FollowIncessant increase in the internet and mobile penetration in the last years in India made people interested in availing the best scopes available online. It became a favorable situation and a great opportunity too for the e-commerce sector in India to grow with their businesses. From communicating with the companies regarding purchasing the necessary products to making payments online has become easier for the customers scattered across the country. As compared to last year, as per Assocham the e-commerce industry could see a great hike in revenues in 2016. For this reason, irrespective of brands and products including accessories, footwear, dresses, electronic gadgets, etc. will be available at cheaper rates than the previous years. The availability of these products at comparatively lower rates and the home delivery facility are no doubt making the potential customers from all over the country more interested towards meeting their buying needs online. It’s easy to estimate that the online customers will witness a huge discount in buying products online from different reputed online stores in India in 2016.

Wider Categories may be Visible in 2016:
Keeping in view the incessant growth in the e-commerce business in India, companies may plan to deliver wider ranges of products online this year. Having a great number of potential customers, the companies even may plan for selling water or milk online. So, it’s easy to assume that in the coming months we may see additional products or service categories in the online shopping portals. Finding these items, we shall also delight to meet most of our needs by ordering online at these portals. For an online customer, saving time, money as well as effort will be easier by availing the added advantages of shopping online. You will be just a click away from your necessary products or services to get. By using your smart phone too you can meet your shopping needs. Availing the easier options to meet one’s shopping needs from a wider range of choices; nobody would make any mistake in losing the scope. That’s why; assumed wider categories at the online shopping portals may create a positive impact in the online e-commerce business this year.

Higher Competition among E-commerce Businesses is Estimated:

In 2016, in India higher competition among the online shopping portals is estimated to develop due to different reasons. Though the number of online shoppers is increasing noticeably yet they have wider choices also in placing an order to an online source. Not only the number of online customers but also the number of online shopping portals is increasing in numbers. Therefore, it is easy to assume that in this year higher competition among the e-commerce competitors could be noticed in spite of having the great possibility of a higher growth in revenues in the e-commerce business sector in India. Without making more profit the companies can’t grow rapidly. Therefore, it’s not enough to catch the attention of the potential customers but converting them into online shoppers at the offered prices through the source is also a great challenge for the business houses in this sector.

Notable Change in Browsing Trend:
In lieu of using a desktop, in recent times people are more involved with their mobile phones in accessing the internet. Therefore, is wouldn’t be a mistake to assume that these days the number of visitors to different online shopping portals in India would use their mobile phones than other devices in choosing and placing orders for shopping online. The companies that would change their pattern of selling items keeping in view in the change in browsing trend in India will get more traffic than others. For this reason, many companies are offering free shopping apps to download with the best benefits for the users so that the customers can stay in good touch with these companies. In a country, which could be called a nation of youths too due to their percentage of population, most of the customers would belong to this category. Their necessities, pattern of making payments as well as attraction towards different shopping portals would represent their creativity too. Bringing newer tools and techniques in the shopping sites will attract the young generation and they prefer to keep them updated with the latest trend as well.

Buyers may Witness Huge Discounts in 2016:
Present scenario in the e-commerce business trend denotes that buyers may witness a huge discount in buying their necessary products due to the increasing competition among the online sellers. Every company wants to grab customers from different walks of the society and to make people attracted towards their sources; they may aspire to offer huge discounts. The aggression of the companies in capturing a wider market all over the country may impact greatly in expanding their business. The customers will also discover a strong reason to stick to these companies, offer products online. The mobile users has an added advantage in keeping in good touch with these online shopping portals as they can check their phone as and when they feel to keep them up to date with the latest discounts. Without following a few steps, just by touching the screen of their mobile phones they can discover different online coupons for shopping with discounts.

Preference in Making Payments:
Shopping online is not similar to shopping a product from the nearest marketplace. The customers don’t need to move from their houses to buy their necessary items as they get the facility of shopping even at their relaxing hours. In addition, getting the opportunity to shop products online offers them the advantage of choosing their necessary items from a wide array of choices and even going through the reviews of the products, made by the previous customers. Last but not least, home delivery facility, offered by the online portals is of great advantage to many buyers. However, for availing all these facilities, advantages with your ordered product or service you have to make payments. Trend in making payments in last year shows that a lion’s share of the online buyers, 45 percent, tends to make payments at cash on delivery mode. Buyers in lesser percentage make payments through internet banking, using debit or credit cards, etc. The trend in making payments in this year too doesn’t seem to see any notable change.

Who are in the Buyer’s Group?
Though the idea of selling products online is comparatively a newer concept, yet the e-commerce market has grown rapidly across the country and world as well. As per surveys, it is estimated that around 38 percent customers belong to the age group of 18 to 25 and around 45 percent are in the age group of 26 to 35. Among the online shoppers more than 65 percent are male and rests are female by gender. Therefore, the online sellers should have to plan to sell keeping in view the age group of the customers. In addition, by capturing the market in rural India, the companies can grow and find many new customers. Many companies are engaged in making inroads to get entry in the rural Indian market. In rural areas too people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones therefore availing a great opportunity to expand businesses could be possible for the e-commerce companies in India.

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